IT Jobs in Java in Germany

Hi All,

I am from India(38 year old). having 12 years in Total IT experince (Java).
I have plan to find job , by job seekers visa.
I know German lanauage is must . but for IT not much fluency is required(not sure, got infor from google)
So I planning to take A1/A2 course from india before apply the visa.

I have couple of questions, please any one can guide

1- which is the best city for IT job opportunity in Germany
2- what would be the minimal salary per month for  IT jobs
3- what about the single/ family expenses for accomadation.
4- How easy/risky to get the job with in 6 month

You sent the exact same to me as PM - why???
I replied there, assuming that you use PM (as is reasonable) only for confidential questions - and all others are posted on the open forum, so all readers can contribute their answers or benefit from answers given. Mutual help is the purpose of this forum!

Now I have to copy and paste my answer to your PM, so others can also see it. This is double effort for me (a non-paid volunteer who would prefer to spend his time with less ignorant posts). So please don't do it again!

Here is the answer I sent you by PM:

From the limited information you gave, and not being in IT myself, I cannot tell you the answers to your questions - and honestly I doubt that anybody can.
IT jobs exist anywhere, but generally more where other industries (which the IT serves) are located. Where you should look depends on which industry you want to target and where you want to live.
For average salary information, you can check online salary survey results - but keep in mind you as a non-German-speaking non-EU-citizen will be offered less.
Accommodation costs vary widely between cities and even within them. It also depends on what you want - e.g. sublet rooms are generally cheaper than one-room apartments.
I think six month is the minimum you need to find a job, but much depends on your luck and how much of a network you build before your arrival.

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