Dear All,

I am thinking about opposites I found every thing is in two and they are opposites ,how many you knows like......
Day Night
Light Dark
Man Woman
Every thing I found in two.....and opposite
Let's guess any thing which is alone....


The sea

Some people
Bob K

Why do you want to see the opposite? You can think the way opposite, but you cannot ask why

I am not asking why ,I can't go against the nature,I just want to know like
Fred has written Sea like that...
Fred I am checking whether sea is alone or not.....

Fred land is opposite of sea

That's really true all the people coz we all are alone

What is the opposite of the chair you're sitting on? Why?  :/

Table and why I can't say

aryavrat :

and why I can't say

Think harder.

You tell me please, I am unable to think


Left - Right
West - East
North - South

How about
                       interesting   /  Boring !!!!

Early / Late
Found / Lost
Dominate / Submissive

Yin and Yang
Anything is incomplete without its opposite!

Phone is really all alone

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