Ok to board required for original visa ?

I am travelling to India & will return with my wife by Indigo Airlines.
I will carry my wife's original visa slip (2 years original pink slip).

Do i need to register for OK TO BOARD though she will have original visa slip ?
What if the procedure for Indigo ?

Please help urgently.

Hi Amit,
              You do not require OK to Board if you are travelling with original visa slip. Ensure that all details in visa & passport match

Thank you Parag


My wife and kids will be coming to Muscat from India on visit visa for 3 months. I booked return tickets from Oman air and sent the original visa via courier. Will they need the ok to board status on their ticket. Can someone help us to clear the doubts.

Thank you

Hi Jobinbency,

There is no such thing as an 'ok to board' status. As long as the passengers have valid passports and valid visas, they are good to board. Nothing further would be required.

Actually that's not strictly true.  This is a requirement that is being enforced by Indian, Pakistani and sometimes Bangladeshi authorities for travel to the GCC only.  It keeps happening off and on.  Things were calm for a few years and then this year it started again.  As an example, a relative of mine who comes every year to Bahrain wasn't asked for this in 2015 and 2016 but in 2017, Gulf air asked us to get an ok to board message in the system if she was going to travel without original visa.

It stems from the fact that "paper" visas i.e. ones which are not electronically issued cannot be verified by the authorities / airlines back home and they want to prevent illegal travelers. 

The way to do is to:
a) Either travel with original visa or
b) Take original visa to the airline office e.g. in Oman, they will electronically put an ok to board message in the booking and your relative can then travel on a scanned copy.

Dear Txang

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