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Is anybody got their employment pass approval which are applied in Aug 2017 ? Is their any specific day on which they give provide approval or is it like any day any time between 8 to 8. I heard it is only on Monday and in morning .

As far as I know, the MoM officers work normal office hours and send out approval/rejection letters as soon as they are done with a case. It is possible that the letters of one day are collected and given to Singapore Post together, but the EPOnline system would show the result immediately.
In any case, the average processing time is currently two months and since your application was submitted in August, you should not start worrying before October!

Ok. But i donot agree on processing time. 2 of my friends got in 4 weeks time recently in july 2017. One of them applied through my consultancy. It depends on case by case and average is 3-4 weeks nowdays. It is less if its direct company hire. Infact one collegue has got reply from mom when he posted query to mom about his EP that most of the cases will get their status with in 3 weeks. Few will go beyond that and it depends on case by case.

hello even our ep was applied in aug first week by wipro.....even if my payroll company asking for fin number but wipro is not giving that and they are calling us continuesly every wk and telling us u will get in two days ....my doubt is like can i ask mom directly by sending mail about our application....will that effect any of the process???? just help me to know the status atleast becoz we can try for diff country.....daily waiting the call from nityo and they were telling the same stories.....

There is no reason for not giving you the FIN number - other than to cover up that they didnm't actually apply. Are you sure you aren't victim of a scam?
In any case, EP processing times are currently 1 - 3 months, so it might just take longer.

maybe but think is like we got calls from wipro and also mail from them four rounds of interview happened and then salary discussion happened and shared ep visa document and they only called for updating everything on our visa thing. we nevr called them for any thing.....i think wipro will not do that kind things like getting money for recruiting and all....got very good feedback for all the technical rounds.....

no, mine is still pending (since august 14) :(

hello ya even same with me. Employer applied EP on aug 7th but not update. I don't have FIN to check status as well....so will hope for the best

update : my EP got rejected on 7th Sep. reason was organisation which has applied my EP has too many EP already. basically local-foreigner ratio was not good. I will suggest those who are waiting, ask your employer to check with MOM if 3 weeks are completed post application.

Through which company u applied EP Visa. Even I have the same doubt but they told they will give update tomorrow......

can some one help me what is work order is it offer letter or ipa ....my hr called me and told in two hours ill share ur work order...

Work order is when your company or boss tells you what you should (or should not) do.
It has nothing to do with offer letter or IPA.

anusha kengam :

can some one help me what is work order is it offer letter or ipa ....my hr called me and told in two hours ill share ur work order...

did you got it ?

nope...still waiting....

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