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I am a fresh graduate from U.S university (MOM recognized the uni)  majoring in Accounting. I recently got an offer after applying to a startup company for a Business Develoment and Cust Experience Executive role. I used to study in Singapore for secondary and JC. And I also interned in Singapore last summer for a startup using Work Holiday Program visa. My pay will be $3600. They have applied EP for me 2 weeks ago and when they checked, it stated that it will take 2 months for MOM to revise after the application has been submitted. What Im concerned is that they did not post the job in jobsbank. But they fall under exemption as they have fewer than 25 employees. I believe that they posted in other job website but I am not sure if it was more than 2 weeks.

How long do you think the pass will get approved? And what are the chances of fresh grads getting an EP? Thanks!

You didn't say where did you study your graduation, was it in US Or in Singapore or elsewhere?

Anyway, to answer your questions, nobody tell you how many days it will take to get response from MoM. At best it could take one week and in worst can take 4 months. Secondly, whether to get approval of your EP, is again difficult to say. MoM does say that each application evaluates on its merit. Good luck

My pass just got approved! Thanks! :)

Congrts. Is it approved on 31 Aug?

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