EP(Employment Pass) approval chance ?

I have recently got an offer from one of the organisation based of Singapore. Its owners are from Singapore only. My client will be a big IT giant in Singapore and they filed my EP application with MOM on 15 Aug 2017 and it still shows pending.
My background as follows,
1) Bachelor degree graduate from in Computer Science from India and completed with distinction
2) Having 6 years experience in IT as automation tester
3) Offered fixed pay is more than 6K
4) I am based out of India.
This is my first time.
Its been 7 working days since the day of application. I am worried that it will cause delays in joining date and the notice period. what are my chances of getting approval ?
Please advise if you had gone through similar experience recently.
Thank you.

To get an EP, your degree must be recognised by MoM, your education and work experience relevant to the job, you possess skills rare in Singapore, the slary in line with market norms for the job, the employer allowed to hire foreigners, the job unsuccessfully posted on the (locals only) job bank for two weeks and a few other criteria fulfilled.
It is impossible to tell all this from the limited information you gave. I can just say that your salary is low.
Please note that EP applications currently take an average of 2 months, in some cases up to 4 months.
But if you are based in India, you do not need a Singapore EP even if you do work for a Singapore-registered organisation.

Anyone who wants to work in Singapore needs EP/Spass irrespective of organsation base location. Also i thought anything above 6K monthly is good salary for 6 year exp. Its way above average salary

True, to work in Singapore you must have a working pass (EP or S pass). So, you need one.

I guess, Beppi said in context that you might be located/working in India, which doesn't require a Singapore pass.

About salary part, it depends on which field you work in and your core job designation & description. I believe even in IT, different job positions and languages n skills attract different salary range.

Example: In my field, 6 years experience can fetch you $10k in average.

Nevertheless, you need to have patience and wait for the outcome. Good luck

You wrote you are based in India. If that is the case and you provide your services from there (with only some business trips of less than 60 days to Singapore), then you do not need an EP. If, however, you move to Singapore and work there, then you need one.
The average income in Singapore (over all professions) is now above S$5500. So yes, yours ist still above average, but for a university graduate with many years experience it is low. Did you try the SAT tool to see whether it is sufficient to get EP?

total fixed sal is 6500K/month. It was context in moving to singapore. I tried SAT tool and it says i am eligible for both EP & SPass. Infact i had word with few of my friends and they told me it is very good to get EP. My university is listed in Singapore directory as well. Also i have BE in Computer Science Engg. My work experience is related to the job i am going to do.

Then it seems you have all it takes to get EP. Let's hope the employer and job market is also in your favour.

beppi :

Then it seems you have all it takes to get EP. Let's hope the employer and job market is also in your favour.

Hoping same. let see how much time it will take.

beppi :

Then it seems you have all it takes to get EP. Let's hope the employer and job market is also in your favour.

Also my employer has less than 25 employees so they are exempted from posting  Jobs Bank advertising. Let see :)

My 3 weeks is completed and status is still pending. i had a word in MOM with customer care. they have told that status will be updated by end of day today. if it is not updated by today EOD, they told me that ask your employer to call back tomorrow morning, they will let them know reason for pending.since EP is filed by employer, reason can only be given to one who is filed/sponsor EP.

is this standard reply ? or they really mean it ? anyone has same experience ?

This is the correct and true answer.
EP application processing currently takes 1 - 3 months. Be patient!

beppi :

This is the correct and true answer.
EP application processing currently takes 1 - 3 months. Be patient!

what is correct answer ? what you have said or what customer care guy has said.


Both customer care person at MoM and Beppi.. cheers

update : my EP got rejected on 7th Sep. reason was organisation which has applied my EP has too many EP already. basically local-foreigner ratio was not good.

I'm sorry to hear that rajspy84. I am sure you can ask your company to appeal for you. By the way, you said that
"I had a word in MOM with customer care. they have told that status will be updated by end of day today."
Is it because you call them or email them? My status is still pending and I'm thinking to ask them by email

I'm waiting for EP since 12 days.
Indian national
Bachelors from one of finest national tech institute
2 years past exp in SG
Salary offered 15k per month
1 year contract - thru an agency

What are chances of approval and timeline for decision?  Learnt that there is no pre-condition like local vs foreigner ratio or job posting for 15 days etc. for employers with less than 25 active employees on their role and offering salary above 12k. Is that true?
With that background, I thought EP approval should be a breeze. But doesn't seem so.

I think you will be approved, with your profile and salary.
How long it will take is anyone's guess. If you're in a hurry, you can ask the employer to ask for the status at MoM after a month to 6 weeks.

Hi all. I am brand new to the forum but I have also question about this EP pass. I just received an offer in Singapore. In my opinion good company, based in Europe with main office in Singapore(130 ppl) and quite international. I am IT professional , experience on the job 7 years, overall 16..have Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK, HND from UK University and salary on offer is 9k. Im originally from Bulgaria(so EU citizen). I am just starting my wait but hope for the best :). Already been 3 times to Singapore on vacations :). Any advice is appreciated :)

You forgot to mention what kind of advice you need here. Most part of your message, you are questioning and answering by yourself. Anyway, shouldn’t be an issue to get your EP approval by looking at your experiences and salary offered to you. Good luck.

Hi Surya2k. Thanks! Well, just some "expert" advice and encouragement will be nice for a start lol. No all jokes aside. I read a lot on rejections and since I am on the path to Singapore and wanted really bad I am a bit worried :). My main concern is that I dont have a degree(full), I have Hihger National Diploma from Uk university(which is just 6 months before Bachelor degree) and that I am coming from Bulgaria.

If you don’t have degree then you will be entitled for S pass. There is a self assessment tool (SAT) available in MoM website, please check which type of work pass you will be entitled for. Good luck

Hi Surya2k. I already checked on the MOM Sat tool and its saying both. I have been to university but I didnt get the Bachelor Degree. HND is just before that :). I dont know if it makes sense lol. But on the SAT tool saying you are entitled to apply for both...Big confusion...

No need to confuse, after mentioning all correct information in SAT, if test result shows that you are eligible for both S pass & EP then leave it, MoM to decide your pass type. Good luck

Hi again. I am a bit curious about the following. Currently my status is pending, is there any official statuses or from pending is directly, approved/rejected. Or there is something in between, like under consideration, final steps or anything ::)

It goes from "pending" directly to "approved" or "rejected".
Only if third party agencies are engaged to verify your credentials, then it would show "pending input from vetting agencies".

Beppi, Thanks for the input :) So i will wait. It was send directly from my company to MoM. I just hope I will not wait more than 4 weeks :). The company is European(headquarters is in Paris) , have 130 ppl in Singapore, quite international, the salary that they offered to me is good(9k), I am European(Bulgarian)...finished 2 years and half in UK university(HND)...I dont know :), I am a bit worried :) in any case of waiting time like some people here with 4 months and over...

Hi Raks8411.

Is there any update on your EP?

It took 14 days (Working + Non Working) for me to get my EP approved.

Mine is still pending. Exactly 3 weeks have passed today (- 1 public holiday CNY).

Would like to share - for everyone's info- that my EP was approved today. It took exactly 4 weeks.
Best wishes for those awaiting.


Hi All,
I have 2 years experience in Singapore. Currently, I m a S pass holder. Now I get an opportunity to work with small company (less than 10 people) with E pass. According to SAT, My minimum Salary must be above 5.5k for E pass. But my new employer wants to apply with 4K only. Is there any chances get approval with 4k( by appeal etc). Thanks.

If the SAT tells you that the salary is too low for EP, you will NOT get an EP.
(Except if you are Malaysian Chinese, for which other, unpublished thresholds exist.)
Ask the employer to indicate that MoM should consider you for S-Pass if ineligible for EP!

Unfortunately, new employer doesn’t have enough quota for S pass since small size company ( 10 people only). He told me that once got rejection, he will appeal. I m not sure whether is it possible or not. Do you have any experience or hear from others for this situation?. Thanks

If the SAT tells you that the salary is too low for EP, you will NOT get an EP.

Hai to alll
Now a days why passes are not getting approved!!!!!!!!????????

Dhivya kumar :

Now a days why passes are not getting approved!!!!!!!!????????

Passes for people that have sought-after and in-demand skills, in other words for people that Singapore needs and benefits from their presence, are still getting approved easily.
But the times of a general labour shortage, where anyone that can do any work was welcome, are over. Like any sane country, Singapore reserves local jobs for local people first.

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