Can i apply for student visa to Singapore spass

I am from India. Currently, I am holding student pass and studying Hospitality management as a full time student at a local private school in Singapore. If I receive a job offer from the company, can I convert from student pass to some valid working s pass providing that I will then study part time or else cancel my student pass and working full time. Give me some valuable idea's to change pass

Thank you.

In Singapore, if you are studying a DEGREE course or Master degree from an institution under an recognised university by MoM then you are eligible to work 16 hours per week, during summer vacation you may work full time  in a company sponsored by your institution. So you can check whether your institution is recognised by MoM and you are doing a degree course here, then you can work within the limit informed you earlier without opting a separate permission or approval from MoM.

Second part, post completion of your degree course or any course, if any company wants to hire you then employer will apply employment pass or s pass for you and subject to approval you can work. There is no such provision in MoM where you can convert your study pass to work pass. Good luck

Thank you for your comments. But am doing specialist diploma hospitality management course. Am doing private schools, which is not coming under MoM.  One employer ready to hire me. So once he applying for s pass it will reject or automatically convert my student visa to s pass.

I have mentioned earlier that there is no such conversion happens here. Either your S pass would be accepted or rejected, there is no conversion from student pass to S pass.

As you are doing a diploma, then you are not entitled to work part time jobs here. Don't do anything silly without approval of MoM or else you will be landed in big trouble. Just a 2 cents suggestion.

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