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I was recently in Mauritius and severely felt the lack of a taxi cab aggregator service such as Uber in Mauritius. All the negotiations with taxi drivers (and the constant fear of getting ripped off) leaves a bad after taste about my otherwise perfect visit to the paradise island.

I understand that there are a couple of apps that are looking into this area, but what in your opinion is the reason that such a service does not exist in a mature form in a country that otherwise welcomes 1.3 million tourists?

Is it the lack of willingness on the part of taxi drivers? Operational issues or some governmental policy?

Look forward to reading your thoughts on this.

Cheers! and Aller Maurice!

Here here to that! Having been totally ripped off once, after having no alternative, the taxi is not a good option thus far.

Is there any regulatory body even?


It's a big problem. They should rule meters as compulsory in order to avoid the constant negotiation.
I think the market is mature for Uber-like businesses in Mauritius (but it's tiny): smartphones penetration is high and tourists often already equipped. I know from a certain source that Uber has already plans to launch operations here.

Good news then!

Thank you.

Taps wrote:


It's a big problem. They should rule meters as compulsory in order to avoid the constant negotiation.
I think the market is mature for Uber-like businesses in Mauritius (but it's tiny): smartphones penetration is high and tourists often already equipped. I know from a certain source that Uber has already plans to launch operations here.

True, only if something could be done about that. I'm not sure if the taxi union and drivers are willing to comply with regulations, go the metered way and be all honest about fares.

Not sure when Uber might focus on such a small market, meanwhile I was thinking if it is feasible to develop such an app and launch such a service?

Would be great to know views of people from the tourism / taxi industry.


Reading about the crackdown on illegal taxis with heavy penalties being imposed on passengers as well.

Could someone well versed with the local (NTA) laws suggest if such an aggregator would be legit in Mauritius?

Also, what do the laws say regarding car pooling?



There have been attempts in the past to introduce metering for taxis but have met with resistance from taxi and other private bus unions.

There have been renewed talks about its introduction recently and dunno what will be the outcome this time.

There is a local app called 'Alalila' which is similar to UBER albeit some differences which offer cab services.

There are also other agencies offering transfer and tour services which you can pre-book.

The sad reality is that a lot of taxi drivers have a low level of instruction. They can't use the Internet. They can't use a smartphone either. Their English and French is poor. Sometimes THEY are ripped off by their customers.

Not buying it! Every taxi I have used in Mauritius has a smartphone. One driver told me he has two because he has a girlfriend his wife doesn't know about. I have also never heard of a taxi driver being ripped off, it's a joke.

Sorry, it's not a joke. I've been here for 5 years now.`So I happen to know some taxi drivers. None of them has a smartphone. When you remove the price of the petrol from the money they get, sometimes they have earned 400 rupees FOR A WHOLE DAY OF WORK , which is 10 euros for a day. Would YOU work a whole day for 10 euros?
Remember the price of petrol here is the same as in Europe.
I know some of them charge too much but some tourists ask for a very low price too. In any case you must discuss the price in advance, In France taxis are much more expensive than here. I live in the West of Mauritius so maybe it's different from Quatre-Bornes.

@ Gene78

Really this is a joke!

No taxi driver in Mauritius work for under Rs 1000 a day even after deducting petrol costs! Maybe the fake unlicensed ones do but not the registered taxis.

Even in villages, taxi drivers charge min. Rs 200 for a 2 kilometer trip during the day.
Most would quit if they were to work for only rs 400 a day!

Those who don't have smartphones are those who simply do not know how to use them, the old drivers, not because they cannot afford them.

I quite agree that a lot cannot use smartphones because first thing they can't read properly. I think they should use metering. Apparently customers are not keen on metering because it's more expensive. Personally I feel uncomfortable when I take a taxi for a whole day and he waits for me while I am enjoying a good meal in a restaurant. Even though I know it's their job. In France you can't have taxis wait for you. I think they are very badly (un)organised and that their job is going to disappear soon. Especially with the implementation of the metro. The island is changing very quickly and many locals can't follow and can't adapt. It's sad but what can we do?

Well in Mauritius, things are different.

If you book a taxi for a whole day, it's only natural for the driver to wait for you in between your stops.

Taxis are not going to disappear any time soon...lots of people still use taxis as many customers are regulars who use the same taxi all the time.

The Metro will cover only a portion of the urban region, not the whole island.

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Hello!  Just letting you in some fresh info...Check out  It is a taxi booking App with innovative features but the most interesting thing is that you get the fare before you book!  So no more haggling or feeling that you are paying more than necessary!  And also it has a cashless feature.....About time! 

They are currently signing taxi drivers up and the user's app will be launch end of the month.  Phew!


In Mauritius it's usual to phone the taxi driver you usually take all the time to go for a trip. the waiting time is part of the trip and you get charged for it by registered taxidrivers. those unregistered taxi drivers may take less. as for price it may vary. trip known as local trip ie within the vicinity is  less costly. trips to a beach with sightseeing is priced differently. Mauritians DNT book taxis for that. they rather book a bus or go with their own cars for that. it costs less. metro doesn't reach everywhere so tacos will still exist. as for taxi meters local natives find the price too high and taxi drivers find it low so they stick to negociating. the tourists who book same taxi every single day of course will get discount and Mauritians definitely love being friendly sharing abt good spots to eat to enjoy etc.
with corona pandemic now Mauritians are more keen to buy foodstuffs than go for sightseeing though with opening of beaches by tomorrow 1st July things will be different. We love our beaches missed it missed z seaside picnics surf swimming etc. anybody coming here should not worry abt taxi fares. taxi fare is much less than in European countries. but taxi drivers do not work for Rs400 per day only unless they are elderly and do zat job for the fun of it. as for using mobile they dnt use sophisticated mobiles just a phone to make n receive calls. younger taxi drivers may be may use those apps for taxi booking but it's not widely used currently. usually if u want a taxi u book one who lives nearest to yr hotel or place u r staying. u DNT book one who lives in Curepipe if u live in grand Baie it doesn't make any sense unless u r close to that taxi driver and always u book same taxi driver each time you visit Mauritius. Mauritius is a great place to visit. not just the beaches sun sea culture etc but the special stuffs u get at z market in plouis the special local food stuffs u won't find elsewhere except in small snacks. there are many great eating places where the taste of food will linger in yr mouth there's even ice cream made from local fruits eaten with 'du sel et piment ecraser'. u won't find that elsewhere. it's simply amazingly tasty u won't believe it it's only in plouis.

There are few taxi booking apps in Mauritius and there are many taxi drivers with a smartphone using the apps. Check out Alalila and Yugo available on App Store and Google Play.  They calculate your fares automatically and you don't need to haggle or risk being cheated.  There are other few ones but they don't always use legal taxis and you might end up in trouble.

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