Extension of Multiple Entry Family Visit Visa

I had a question regarding the multiple entry visit visa,I brought my mother to KSA on a 1 year multiple visit visa, with a maximum stay duration of 90 days. This means that she will have to leave KSA before 90 days are over and can come back again.

However, I was informed by a friend and then checked on Absher that the visa can be extended online. Does this mean that she wont have to leave KSA and can just extend her visa. Did anyone yet have an experience with this? A reply would be appreciated as the 90 days will be over soon.
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Dear Manu,

Yes you can extend her stay beyond 90 days. When around 2 to 3 weeks are left (but before expiry of 90 days) go to the Jawazat or visit moi website to extend the visa. Of course you will have to pay the applicable fees etc.
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It is necessary to leave the saudi arabia in 90 days, if you issued one year multiple visit visa for parents.

Please reply its urgent.

Hi guys,

I have exactly the same question as topic-starter.
Is it enough to pay 100 SAR online and extend thru Absher?
Does anything else is needed?

Hi.. I have the same case the multiple visa for 1 year we extended the visa after 90days my nephew came here last june 2017 then after 90days it was extended until december 2017.. but we applied for 1year so how can we extend it again if in the moi system is telling us we cannot extend it anymore.. please help us.. thank you.


I hope you are fine. Can you please tell me if I have one year multiple visa. Can i extend it after 3 months ? is it possible


Please let me know is it possible to extend multiple visa for one year after 3 months ? and will We have to exit after 6 months and then come back ?

Yes, you can extend after 3 months and also after 6 months u must exit from kingdom and come back.

Thank you.

Yes you can get 1 year multiple visa. And extend it after 3 months then must exit the kingdom after 6months then come back. You can exit even just in bahrain.

HI bro can u help me about this matter how can i extend my multiple visa after 6 month plzz its urgent

If you have  multiple visa 1 year or 2 years ,u must exit  from Saudi after 6 months and come back again as per my knowledge.

bro should be go my home country or just exit in bahrain and come back again??

u must go to India and come back. Otherwise u can take Bahrain e visa by agent  for your dependence only. you need exit reentry  only. 

The cost will be 400 SAR per person

I known one agent . he is contact number : ***. Whats app number also same


Causeway visa is for GCC residents (Iqama holders) only.

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Any one having 2 year multiple saudi visit visa can travel to dubai by road if having e-visa in advance ? Or they must travel by air  Anybody recently have any experience in this regard please share thanks

bro can u give me number plzz if u can bcz its urgent


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There is another way to getting exit reentry without e-visa. Go to the rent a car places situated next to the border. They will help you. Thry charge you 100-200SR. They will send their car and driver with the person who needs the renewal.
Tell them you need exit reentry for KSA but without bahrain visa. The driver will tell thr security guard at the border that the person wants to exit and come back again. Security guards know about it.
You will exit saudi border and make a u turn and come back again. Bahrain border comes after a few hundred meters.

This above  information got my friend.

I have the same situation. My mother is currently in KSA on 1 year multiple entry visit visa. Her 90 days stay period is due to expire on 02 Feb 2018. I would like to extend her stay without her leaving the country. I am not sure the normal process to extending the visit visa is applicable here, where you need to pay SAR 100 online and then extend via Absher. This one has a limit that you can only within 7 days before expiry, not before that.

Any information on this matter is really appreciated.

Yasir Siddiqui

Dear Yasir,

Recently, I extended my mother one year multiple rentry visa.
You can easily extend for 90 days via Absher account before 7 days of expiry.
Extension fee-100 sr


I heard that the 2 year Multiple entry Visa can be extended only once in a 2 yr period ?... Is it true ?

If I get the visa extended once for more 90 days... can it be extended again for 90 days on her next visit ?

Has anyone got the Multiple Entry Visa extended more than once in a 2 yr period ?

Extention is only one time during 1 year multiple entry visit visa , or can be extended after every entry.

Yes you can renew it from the absher account go to the option extend visit visa but it will be only done within 7 days of expiry .

I think u can only do this for one time after six months u have to make an exit .
kindly anyone tell me what to do ??

yes i have got 2 years visit visa
and already renewed one time now is the second time i m wondering if i can renew or no

dear anwar

kindly guide me if we can renew the visit visa for the 2 nd time or no

My wife is having multiple KSA Visit Visa with the stay duration of 90 days. Can anyone please confirm me that she must need to go back to home country or we can get the exit-re entry on KSA Bahrain causeway without entering to Bahrain (which requires e-visit visa).

An earliest response would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & BR
Ahmed Faraz

Brother I would be really grateful if U can please confirm me the same thing that this is possible to do exit re-entry without entering to Bahrain. My wife is on multiple visit visa with max stay duration of 90 days which is expiring in 4-5 days.

Thanks & Regards

Dear Mdescallar,

What happened to ur nephew multiple visa. He left the country for extension or extended without exit.

Kindly reply I have extend multiple visa of my mother next month.

If u donot mind could u please share ur mobile number.


Dear Sarkar,

My mother have one year multiple visa. One time (after 90 days) already extended visa by Abshir. What about after six month? she must leave kingdom and come back. If you have any knowledge regarding multiple extension. kindly share. please.

Its urgent.


Dear Anwer,

Yes, she must exit from KAS after six month.

Aslam o Alakum,

Brother did u extend your mother visa without leaving the kingdom or you chose any other option to extend ?

can we extend visa by going bahrain ?  one more question brother can visit visa holder go bahrain?

can she take u turn from bahrain. tell me in detail please.

Brother Anwer,

whats the status of your wife visa extension? how you extended her visa by going bahrain ?

Please share visit visa agent from bahrain.


Could you please share the number of the rent a car or its name?

Hi binu any update for this? My mother in law has multiple visit visa. We already extended her for another 3 months. She will be 6 months on april 11. We are planning to go to bahrain for exit. What is the process?

If you can give us your contact number so that we can ask questions. Thanks. Our contact no. Is ****

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Pls share ur number. I want talk regarding multiple visa.
My id - ****

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Can u share ur number. I want to talk regarding multiple visit visa. Plz it's urgently

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