SG Ep pending now in visit pass

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Please advise on following:

I am in SG for 1+ yrs in IT field. My project over recently and Ep cancelled by my current employer. Now I am in visit pass valid for 30 days only. I got a new offer and my employer applied EP and status is pending more than a week now.  I came to know processing takes 3 weeks.   :(
In this situation I hv to leave SG with my visit pass since ep approval takes longer time then my visit visa.
Can I apply other visa instead of leaving SG ? Please suggest. What I hv to do ?

Thanks !

You may leave Singapore and wait till your status updates and your pass gets approved. If you want to come back again before your status gets updated then apply a normal visiting visa, come to Singapore as a visitor which you will get another 30 days to stay.

First of all thank you.
Is  normal visit visa same as tourist visa?
Can I apply while my stay in SG instead of leaving?

The definition of tourist visa or visit visa is same (the little difference is tourist visa you are coming as a tourist where as for visit visa you might have a sponsor who is in Singapore but in Singapore technically both are same as you are not eligible to work while you are in tourist or visit visa) and the reason someone apply is to visit that country. When you are already in Singapore then how are you eligible to apply this visa?

So, you need to leave Singapore at least for 5 days before you can apply the visa. There is no guarantee that you will get 30 days visa, many instances where re entry visa restricted to 7 or 14 days also. So, it's ICA how it sees purpose of your visit. Good luck.


how did you solve?
I also have the same issue.
Can you extend visit pass in Singapore?

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