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Hi. This is my current background:

I'm 22 this year. I have been in singapore since 2007 and attended secondary school and JC. Currently studying a bachelor degree at SIM. Graduating this year August but I'm available for employment from June as my exam will end by then and only waiting for result.

I already sent in my applications to several companies and I got offered an Admin position for $2.3k.

The dilemma is that I haven't graduated and attained my degree and only completed 2 years of full time study at sim. I'm still in my 3rd final year. I manage to get a certification letter for my undergraduate studies from my school though. Would that be enough?

Experience wise, I do not have a lot of relevant experience as I only did part time jobs in Séc school and Jc. I had this temporary office job at my aunt company back in my home country during vacations. It's not official though as I was just helping her out without pay.

Should I mention and include my voluntary and extracurricular activities and get reference letters to increase the success rate?

My company is preparing for my S pass application now. What is the chance of success? Please give some advises. It is very much appreciated.

Show your certificate which are valid and can be proved of it's authenticity.

Don't show your vacation works if it has no value to current job offer and secondly as you said you were helping your family this is moreover a story rather it has any value at MoM, lastly do not show any experience if you don't have its validity.

Depends of job requirement to hire a foreigner, the company's quota to hire a foreigner then how MoM reads your certificate weight and experiences.

Good luck.

Thank you surya2k for your advise. :)

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