EP renewed for 12 months only

I just received my IPA stating that my EP has been renewed for 12 months only. This is my 3rd renewal already and this is the first time that additional notes were included in the IPA such as:

Do note, however, that the pass holder does not actually meet

our prevailing criteria, and we are granting this renewal as a

concession. Please use our Self-Assessment Tool

(https://services.mom.gov.sg/sat) at the next renewal to see if

she will still meet our criteria. If she does not, you will need to

find another more qualified candidate, or hire a local.

Can anybody please enlighten me on what the above actually means? Thank you.

you got the EP renew right? at least it will be good for another 12 months. congrats,


I read on mom website that EP due for renewal from Jan to jun or july, they will renewed for 1 year only.

But I do not have much idea about other comments that MOM posted

MoM says that the present candidate does not qualify or lesser qualified to get further EP renewal in subsequent years. Hence, it asks employer in future they may do your self assessment test using their tool or find a more suitable candidate for this position, preferably a local. Good luck.

It means the requirements to get an EP have changed and you do not qualify any more. Out of goodwill, they gave you another 12 months, but then you'll have to leave Singapore if you don't manage to meet the requirements by then.
Most likely you are earning too little to qualify - but please use the SAT to figure it out!

Asked HR to check with MOM what the notes meant. MOM Officer said that the new criteria did not apply yet on my renewal. Believe that the 12-month renewal was aligned with what they communicated on their website - that existing EP holders whose passes will expire between Jan to June 2017 will get 1 year renewal based on existing criteria.

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