Opening a Montessori school in Mauritius

Hi there,

My name is Varkha. I am originally a Mauritian but I am living in South Africa for the past 7 years. I studied here and I have an international qualification. At the moment, I am working as a Montessori Directress.

But now, I am thinking of coming home and opening a Montessori school somewhere in Mauritius but because I have been away for so long, I am kind of out of touch with things in Mauritius and I am just reaching out for someone to advise me and point me in the right direction.

Do you think its a good idea to open a Montessori school in Mauritius? Where is a need to open a Montessori school? And what is the procedure of opening a school?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

I would be keen to see how you progress with this, it's certainly seen as favourable by the BoI.

"Investment opportunities exist for the setting up of:

World-class international pre-primary, primary and secondary schools" … ation.aspx

Hi Varkha

I am also a trained Montessori Directress and I am South African but moving to Mauritius in April.
Where about are you living in a South Africa?
Would be keen to chat.

We are moving to Perebere in the North.
I am sure there is a need for a Montessori school as there are so many people moving to Mauritius all the time.

Regards Cara

Hi Bongo,

Thank you so much. I will definitely look into the investment opportunities.

Hi Cara,

Thank you for your reply.

I am thinking of moving to Mauritius in July if all works out as planned.

Will chat with you privately :)

Hi Varkha.

My name is Somayya. I think its a great idea. In South African. My sister worked at montessori as well. My daughter needs to go to pre primary and i cant seem to find a good one for her.  Im currently not working so if i can help.. just shout.

Salaam, Somayya. Thank you so much. I will definitely get in touch with you :)

Are you and your sister in South Africa or already in Mauritius?

Im in Mauritius already. My sister teaches in SA.

Thank you for your reply Somayya. Sent you a message. Let's chat privately :)

Hi Varkha!

I think it's a brilliant idea. My kids are too big but if there had been the possibility last year when i arrived on the island, I would have been very happy.
The question is where obviously and how easy it will be for you to find/get teachers. There are few schools around so you have to look carefully where is the best spot... good luck!

Dear Varsha just saw your post, my wife and I are Mauritian but have been leaving in UK for the last 26yrs. We have had an interest in opening a quality pre-school in Mauritius. If you are interested we can talk in working together. My number xxx. Please call us to discuss further. Regards Pravesh and Priya

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Hi Varkha,

I am an Educator actually working in government primary schools in Mauritius.

I am actually seeking for new challenges as I feel stuck where I am right now.

I can help with material development as I have helped for curriculum material writing for Grades 3, 4 and 5 for Mauritian Creole and Grade 6 for French.

I can also follow required courses to join your teaching staff.

Just let me know what you think about my proposition.


Hi Julz,

Thank you for your message. I think, it is only going to be easier to find a spot once we are in Mauritius. I can train people who are willing to learn more about Montessori method of teaching. Do you perhaps know of an area which perhaps needs a english based school?

Hi Pravesh,

That is a great idea. I will speak to you privately :)

Hi Pascal. Thank you for your interest. I will definitely get hold of you once I am in Mauritius. Are you originally from Mauritius? I have been thinking of exporting all the materials I need for the school but I think, it will be great if I find someone there who can help me built it :). Do you know of an area that needs an english based school? But I will definitely offer French at the school. I am willing to train people  who wants to learn more about the Montessori method of teaching :)


I am Mauritian and I have 7 years in teaching in primary schools.

We do have 1 school in the north for primary and secondary and IPS for pre-primary and primary.

I don't know if it is a good idea to have it in the north bu for sure there is plenty of space to have one cause many parents send their kids to other schools in the central plateau.

I will definitely enjoy following the Montessori style of teaching. We do have an interesting Montessori book at home.


Hi Pascal. Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely get in touch with you once I am in Mauritius which is hopefully in the next few months :)

Kind regards,

Hello, Varkha!

we are also wish to open Montessori kindergarden and pre-primary school and may be primary school in future. we are looking for specialists and people who are interested in alternative education way for their children.
we have came to Mauritius, but here is no schools and kindergarden that we prefer. so we decide to orginize it ourself for our children and others who are looking for the best choice for their kids.
now our project is in process, but it needs a lot of time due to local conditions.
I will be glad to contact with you and share information with you.

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Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. For some reason I never received a notification but I have private messaged you.


We hope to come To Mauritius with our 5 and 7 year olds. We will be leaving behind a great Montessori in the UK so would be really please if you set one up on the island!


Hi varka me too i'm interested to work Teacher.

Hi Varkha,

I would like to chat with you in private regarding your project. I'm a head of Education who will definitely love to give a Montessori education to my daughter.


I am so thrilled to read this thread.
I currently own a Preschool in Johannesburg and just started out doing research into opening a preschool in Mauritius and moving my family over.
I am Montessori trained but follow a fluid Cambridge curriculum at the moment which is fairly easy to replicate wherever you go.
I would love to chat  to any and all that are keen to start a Preschool. Possibly partner as there are so many unknowns about Mauritius for me while having loads of insight into whats needed to start a Preschool and keep it going successfully.

I look forward to any links in Mauritius.

If we shift to Mauritius, sure will get in touch as my wife (a teaching professional) would be interested in looking into a joining a startup venture in education.

Dear Varkha

I am interested to know how you are coming along with this? I am also a Montessori Directress in South Africa, however I am also currently halfway through my BEd degree through WITS. My husband and I considering emigrating in about two years time and are looking at options.

I think the education is already  Child centered, Student Centered, based on " Montessori method"
The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood.

There is not enough "SEN Special Education Needs  Teacher formation" school in Mauritius

Have you had a look at Montessori schools already present on the island ?

Dear Varksha,

Note that EXPAT.COM team are very cooperate in Mauritius and personally i think in the north that would be really goods and specially in the region of Trou aux biches.  Need any idea or help please feel free to contact


I've just stumbled upon this thread and was wondering if there has been any progress with the opening of a Montessori school in the North.  We are looking at the possibility of moving to Mauritius around August this year and our daughter currently attends a Montessori school in South Africa.  This would obviously be a first choice of school to send her to.

We will be flying over at the end of this month to have a look at areas, accommodation and schools etc and I have contacted a few of the schools to arrange visits.  I would however be interested with regards to Montessori.

Kind Regards,

Hi dear,

I am Virginie and am currently in Australia with an Early childhood and care diploma and an advanced in community sector management. I have been working in a montessori based pre-school for a year now and am loving it. I will be more than happy to be trained further more in this industry and am looking forward to move to Mauritius if there is opportunities for me. I am also fluent in English and French so there won't be any issue on the language side. I believe Mauritius needs passionate teachers/educators like us willing to make a change. If possible, please message me privately for further discussions. Thank you


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Quite interesting. I am a special needs educator. How does one go about opening a facility like that? I specialize in moderate and low learning barriers.

Yes, that would nice.

Hi Guys,

We are a couple based in Hong Kong, moving to Mauritius for 2 years starting this August.

My wife is an International school teacher in Hong Kong and my sister-in law has had lots of experience working at one of the Lycee in Mauritius.

I am an investor from and currently looking for opportunities in Mauritius.

We have also had a lot of exposure to the different educational environment and teaching styles to children who may not fit the 'mold'. (And have a lot of respect and understanding for those involved in trying to provide specialized education)

I notice that there are replies from people about both Montessori and Special Needs educators. I guess my question is do you guys feel they can really be grouped together? From my experience, even those on the high-functioning side of the Spectrum may still benefit from structure which is not necessarily  provided in Montessori . (Just taking a  simple example, the 'Ideal' Montessori mixed age environment, younger children would mimic and learn from older children. I have seen the majority of children do copy but you do have children who would not necessarily do so)

The reason I ask, is that one of the Ideas that we are looking at is starting a small Social Skills / Special needs early education center. One that would provide combination of ABA / Speech Therapy / OT services  with a mix of one-on-one and small group classes. It may have only 8-10 students per session (A morning session for 2.5  hours and a afternoon session for 2.5 hours).

From our understanding, parents in Mauritius (of all income levels) struggle to find education environments for their children who may not fit the mold of mainstream education. Some have even been advised to move to Reunion!

As we personally understand the hardships involved in families who may not be able to afford the dedicated education that could benefit their child, one of the main premises would be to to never become too commercial and try find teachers / a school head with a true passion to help. This would include experienced people from the industry living abroad but wanting to relocate to Mauritius.

Sorry for the long unstructured message. Its the first time I put our thoughts down in writing and I get a little passionate when even thinking about it.

The biggest issue / Hindrance is that my wife and I have had no qualifications in the special  field whatsoever (Aside from the fact that she is a qualified teacher)


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