S pass rejected

After months of searching I eventually got a job. However after a week, just today, the HR emailed me and told my S Pass was rejected. Without any reasons indicated. I am a degree holder in Finance and has 2 years experience. They offered me a S$2500 salary. Is there any way for me?

Sorry to hear this. The only option left either to appeal MoM to reconsider your application (only after hiked your salary by your employer to 3k plus as a graduate in finance with 2yrs exp, your salary is way below to the current market standard) or look for another opportunity else where looking at salary part seriously (with above 3k to 3.5k as minimum cap as per the market standard).

Good luck.

Thank you surya2k. I got really sad actually, I thought this would be the end of my struggles searching for a job but then it ended up like this. hopefully, the company will appeal. Even me I am questioned because S$2500 is a yes way for as a start up only, of course it will eventually increase. thank you tho for the advise tho. maybe it isn't really for me.

Please speak to the employer and request them if any possibility to increase your salary in order to cap with the market standard. As I feel potentially this could be the reason why MoM didn't approve your case. Good luck

Hi surya2k. It was only now again that I was able to go over the forums and have a reply. Btw, there was only a miscommunication btween us with the HR. But,  what is important now is that my S Pass has already been approved. I am currently waiting now to onboard. It went quite delayed due to CNY. Thank you again for the advices. Greatly appreciated.

Congrats Cristygy.

Waiting for my EP to get approved. Its been so disturbing now ahhhh

Congrats. Good to hear your case. Enjoy your time in Singapore. Please be active whenever you have time to help others who might have similar issues in their cases.

Don't worry Shiv, be patience. Hope we will hear good news from you as well.

Hi Shiv. It would really take long. Even me, until now I am still waiting for my actual onboarding. Patience is really an ace for these kind of scenarios.

Hi. Yes surya2k. I'm taking that into consideration as I know how it feels and have had it been in their shoes before.  Thank you and God bless.

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