SPass Status PENDING for more than 2 months

Hi everyone,

I am from Vietnam, in the October 2016, I got a job in Singapore, my role is Research Engineer, and they offer me a Salary of $3500 SGD. My employer applied my S Pass to MOM in October 18th, but until now, the status is no rather than Pending. I don't know what is happening to my documents, and how long do I have to wait more, my employer just told me to wait, and said that MOM doesn't share the reason for pending. Does anyone have the same situation as mine, and anyone has any ideas to speed up the process?  Thank you everyone reading my question.


This is now a common case in most of the times that MoM takes more than usual time before approval or rejection. So, keep patience.

Secondly if you see in this forum there are several threads where people have discussed their cases more or like similar to your one. 2 months is relatively common now a days and due to holiday period it may take longer than normal days. Good luck.

Hi Surya2k,

Thank you very much for your answer, but I forgot to tell this: when I fill out my Employment Pass/ S Pass Application Form (Form 8), there is a section called PASS CONSIDERATION that asks me to choose only one box among: "Employment Pass and S Pass", "Employment Pass Only", and "S Pass Only". At that time, I was not clear of kinds of Passes, so I chose EMPLOYMENT PASS AND S PASS because it includes both, and now when I use the online status checking system of MOM , the PASS TYPE appears EMPLOYMENT PASS.

For what I present about, I want to ask that:
(1) Does choosing "Employment Pass and S Pass" in PASS CONSIDERATION section make it take much much longer to process my docs than choosing "S PASS Only"?, if so, what should I tell my HR to improve the situation?
(2) my HR said that they apply my S PASS for me,  but why the PASS TYPE in the Online Status Checking System of MOM appear EMPLOYMENT PASS?

Once again, thank you for your help,

p/s: the link to Online Status Checking System of MOM that I used: …

The ideal way for anyone who is not sure about which pass he or she should apply, visit MoM website and there is an assessment tool where you can input your highest education, experiences and other details then system will show you which pass you are entitled for. Don't blindly fill the form as it leads to rejection or unnecessary delay. Hope in your case, MoM will consider HR's application request for S pass and approve (based on its merit). Good luck.

Hi Surya2k,

I have a question and hope you can help me,
I heard that there is a new guideline for Employment Pass in 2017 which says that a new EP applicants will have to earn a fixed monthly salary of $3,600 or more. So what my case would be if my fixed monthly salary is just $3500, and the status is still pending from 2016 up to now.

Thank you for your help.

You are right that the minimum EP salary (which applies to fresh graduates, others have higher but unpublished thresholds) was raised from S$3300/month to S$3600/month.
The thresholds are in line with market rates, which means if you are below you are underpaid.
Officially, the rules at the time of application apply. But since MoM can approve or reject your application for any reason they like, this is not a great help. Even if approved, it would be for one year and then you have to fulfil the new requirements to renew.

Hi beppi,

Thank you for your help. To be honest, I am really sad, and depressed right now, I think there will be very little chance that I can get the Pass. I quit a good job in my country to take the offer, and now I am unemployed, maybe I should give up and move on with other goals.
Once again, thank you very much to everyone and all your help . Especially Surya2k, and Peppi

I must say that at this testing time, you need to have patience and wait for the right time for next move. These are the risks someone has to take in order to grow into a different ladder of life. Sometime we succeed and other time we don't but we never know what has stored next, that's why we always try. All the best for your future endeavour.

As stated in MOM website:
How long it takes: 7 working days. Some cases will take more time.
you may refer to …
to check on the application Status.
Trust me MOM will not only check your application they will check the employer eligibility for hiring ( there is a quota to adhere to).
Well never give up until you know if its reject or approved.
pending meaning under review!.

good luck

Hi everyone,

I haven't sent any emails to my Employer for a time, now I want to ask them about my case, could you please suggest me what I should ask to help process my documents?
My waiting time up to now is 2 months and 25 days, I am really stressful and nervous. I don't know if I should find another job or keep waiting, but honestly, I am running out of money.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you or your employer can do to speed things up.
Of course you can (and probably should, just in case ...) continue looking for another job, but there is no guarantee that the pass for that job would be processed any faster.

Hi everyone,

I have just received a sad new today, my employer told me that they will have to rescind the job offer at the end of this week (Friday 20 Jan 2017) if MoM doesn't approve the application.

Sad to hear, but don't lose hope and try in both SG and HK market. Hope n pray for a positive news hear from you.

Hello i have a queation my employer submit my application without my graduation certifacte after few days mom ask to submit graduation certificate then we submit now i want to ask what is possibilities of my application of approvel

The approval chances do NOT depend on when and how the relevant documents were submitted.

Possibility of getting a response will be faster. You must be knowing that education is one of the criteria for approval of your application, others are your job description & position, salary, work experience and any other recognised certification etc. So, it depends on how the job or skills you possess is unique in Singapore, where demand is higher than the supply in current market. Good luck

I done my study of hospitality managment in singapore in 2016 and now i apply s pass bcz  i have 3 year mechanical engnerring diploma  from 2011 to 2014  so its possible to get s pass

Hello everyone, even I'm waiting for my S pass approval since 2 months. I'm a graduate from India. I did my final year dissertation in NUS from Jan-Jun 2017. Then I got a job as research assistant with a pay of 3500$ in the same place (NUS). What are the chances of my approval?? Or should I give up and consider for a new job??? Someone please help me out.

With thanks
M Siva Sai

The processing time is no indication of approval chances.
If you think your chances are low and want to cancel the application, you should have done so two months ago. Any new application will also take that long - from time of application.

Hi everyone,
I am a B.Tech Graduate from India. I have been offered Research Engineer role at A*STAR (IHPC) after my final year dissertation at NTU. My Spass was applied on 29 Aug and is still pending. After 2 days of application, MOM asked my employer to submit my Provisional Degree Certificate (I could not submit before since I just then graduated hence submitted my course completion certificate). I submitted my PDC on 5th of Sept. My employer told I should typically have my pass by the end of this month. But when I see online forums, I see that it takes longer than a month, upto 3 months.
Will my application be processed sooner since it has been applied by an organization with high reputation like A*STAR?
And are there any chances of rejection?

You can read in many threads in this forum that the selection of an EP or S pass depends on a case by case basis, which means each application will be scrutinised by MoM and based on your job description, your educational background, job experiences, demand/supply in present market and past track record etc. to get a response in your favor or not. Hence, it would be hypocritical to say whether if A star or B star company applies then your application automatically will be in approval list. Waiting time before getting a response from MoM varies between 1 week to 4 months. Good luck.

Hello guys. Just want to share also my experience. I worked in Singapore for 5 years under Employment Pass. I am renewing my EP every year, 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016, but 2017 renewal was rejected for no particular reason after 5 long years of working in Singapore. Last Sep,2017, another company hired me and I checked the status and its written that the date of application is Sep.13, 2017. To date, its already been 18 working days and the status is still PENDING. Anyway, good luck to all of us... :)

Hello guys. Just want to share a good news to give hope to everyone waiting for their passes to be approved. I was lucky enough to have my Spass approved(applied by new employer) in 8 days after holding work permit for 6+ years from previous employer.
*Educ.- not relevant to the industry I am in for the past 6 yrs. I guess my job experience was given a favorable bearing as I've done a good performance hence promoted 4 times.

Hi everyone!

I arrived to Singapore a while ago and a company applied for my Spass in August, however pass and appeal got rejected due to not enough salary.

I decided to look for another company that would pay me more and I found it. I did the SAT and the chances to get the EP this time where really high.

Anyway, after 6 days pass got rejected because MOM noted a significant increase in my salary in compare to my last employment. They asked for thousand papers such as a letter explaining the situation, job description, contract, my 3 last payslips...

My company appealed yesterday so would like to know how long is this appeal gonna take. Does anyone have a similar experience?

I really would like to know what to do because I'm still getting job offers.

Thank you!

Anything mismatch to market standards would create a suspicious activity. Not sure how come one company was offering you so low salary and suddenly another company is offering so high. Now a days MoM is strict and monitoring closely. So, how Long it will take to see a response from MoM, would difficult to tell but chances are low at the moment. You can accept new offer which is relevant to your earlier job title and salary shouldn't be too low or high. Good luck

I did accept that job because my boyfriend is living here so took an offer to make sure I was coming here ASAP. Pass got rejected precisely because they weren't offering enough salary, therefore i looked for another company that would offer more. I found this company that were looking exactly for my profile, however the responsibilities were higher, therefore salary is higher also.
They've written a very strong letter addressing the reasons of hiring my and the raise of the salary.

Is still a low chance to get my pass approved? Would you recommend me to take another job offer with less salary?

Thank you Surya2k for taking your time to reply :)

I can't comment whether your salary was earlier lower and this time much higher without know anything about your qualification, experiences and working field etc. I'm just answering your question reading through your message. You can check online what's the market trend and expect salary in your working field.

If you think the employer has given an assessment and appeal is enough strong that MoM could reverse their decision then you should wait to see their response. I'm unable to tell you how soon they can come back with their response (it can take from 1 week to few months). Good luck

my local agent told me that you will get fin number or check online status after 21 days of application. is my agent told me truth or not ? plz reply

If you have FIN number then you can visit MoM website to check current status of your application. You can check the status after a week or so (typically MoM takes few days to update in their database). No need to wait 21 days to check. Good luck

surya2k wrote:

Anything mismatch to market standards would create a suspicious activity. Not sure how come one company was offering you so low salary and suddenly another company is offering so high. Now a days MoM is strict and monitoring closely. So, how Long it will take to see a response from MoM, would difficult to tell but chances are low at the moment. You can accept new offer which is relevant to your earlier job title and salary shouldn't be too low or high. Good luck

Did you get your pass approved?

Hi my s pass still pending from nov 22 till now ... Mom asked experience certificate I submitted on 6 the Dec but status is still pending... Please any idea

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