EP is in pending state for more than 2 months

I have been following expat.com and forums related to singapore EP

So just seeking advice in my case. So I have worked previously in SG for some time in 2012
Now I got a job in singapore from one of the MNC like infy, L&T etc. Now my Ep is pending for more than 2 months.

I checked with HR and they told me that after may 2016 none of their EP get approved, however there were no rejections too. Its just they are in pending.
Another thing is that, the RP renewals are happening for this company but fresh EP are in pending.

Any suggestions that you can give me. As this is very stressful time for me.

I already replied you, hope it clarifies your doubt. Thanks

Yes Surya... Thanks a lot for quick response.

You can refer below link regarding how the foreign employers quota system works here:

http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … orker-levy

Thanks Surya!
I will check this  :)

If NO EP was approved or rejected for this employer for the last 8 months, then something between them and MoM is substantially wrong.
You better look for another employer!

Thank Beppi for the response.
I had a talk with HR, they said that they will be hiring few singaporeans and then may be things will move fwd.
Another thing to note is that, EP renewals are beings done without any issue.

Hi Beppy/Surya,

I think i should wait here, as it is a new year. So may be my application could be considered in fresh quota.

Apart from that, I read in other forums, there are people with EP in Pending state since 4-5 months.

Now the situation is that I can not find any other employer in SG.

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