Family Visa Guide (Pakistan-Oman)

Hi All,

Today i finally got visa for my family, so i thought i should share my experience.

So here the things which are required:

1. You application form (the form you got when you applied for your own visa)
2. Rent agreement (its a must have, if you don't have rent agreement you can get a letter from your company stating that you are living on company given accommodation.
3. Marriage certificate (attest from MOFA pakistan, then you have to get it attested from Pakistan embassy here in Muscat and also MOFA oman)
4. Birth certificates ( i know people say that they are not required, but they are MUST and also need to be attested same way as marriage certificate)
5. Medical GAMCA test from Pakistan ( get this as the last document, because it has an expiry of 3 months, also need to get this attested from Ministry of health in Muscat CDC)
6. Bank statement is not required
7. ROP application form needs to be filled and get stamped and signed by you Sponsor. In my case i applied through a Sanad service, so i sent application form to my sponsor to get the application form signed and stamped.
8. Two passport size photos.
9. Passport copy of yours and all the dependents, also copy 2nd and 3rd page of passport.
10. Charges are RO 30 per person, though it cost me 60 per person as i applied through sanad services.
11. it takes just a day to get the visa.

Hope this was helpful.

Atif Dar

And what about salary bank statement regarding 600 /.
Its main point for issue family visa.


You dont need bank statment for that your salary is mentioned in your application form already.


Hi All,

This is something which everyone should understand.

The systems here work by the book, to the tee.

If all the requirements are in place, then things get done automatically, without any problems.

In the case of the slightest deviation from the prescribed format,  then there could be inordinate delays.

thank you a lot Atifdar for sharing us these valuable info

definitely Sumitran


Hi dear,

Can we use family registration certificate for children instead of birth certificate.

Thanks for your support


anyone can help,

Can i use family registration certificate for children joining visa instead of their birth certificates.


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