Can I get an E pass or sponsership ?

I am new here at
i start working at a copy center in 2009 i love what i do. i love the sound of my printers, even get gloomy if one of them stop working
after more than six years working here still loving it
however more than two years i found myself learning nothing new  the same day repeating itself
i managed to make my shop the best and keep my clientsand gain new ones but nothing to discover
i choose to ask you guys because as i can see there's diffrent people in one site and i choose singpore because i admire the country and the community
my question to you guys is : is there's chance for me for an E pass or sponsership ?
please help

Hello asma29 and welcome to :cheers:

I invite you to read articles from our Singapore Expat Guide so as to know the formalities related to be able to qualify for expatriation to Singapore.


Only an employer who wants to hire you can sponsor you and apply for your EP. Thus you need to find a job first!
Whether you can find one depends largely on your educational background and work experience, which you didn't mention. You also need niche skills that the employer cannot find in Singapore, because otherwise suitable local applicants must be hired first.

asma, you didn't write about your current status e.g. Are you holding a dependant pass, S pass or any other pass?

Secondly looking at your work, we don't know your educational background. To apply an EP by your employer ( Beppi already informed you that an employer need to apply an EP not on your own unless you are setting up your business in SG) then you must have a recognized graduate certificate along with niche skills n experience.

Thirdly, you should aware of that any job unless you r promoted to a different level is monotonous as we tend to work same if not 100 percent same most of the time.

Wish you all the best.

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