How to contact ICA when I'm not in Singapore

Hi everyone, I want to contact ICA because I have an overstay case that has been pending for 2 years.

In 2014, after I graduated from NUS, I applied for the LTVP and got IPA letter. After that my student pass expired before the LTVP appointment with ICA but due to my stupidity I didn't check and ended up overstaying for quite a while.

They opened a case and did investigation. I was given a special pass for a few days. The investigation ended with the result that I was given the LTVP. They didn't ask me to pay any fine or give me any official print warning.

I came back to Vietnam in Oct 2015. After that I went to Singapore 3 times to visit my boyfriend who is living in Singapore.

The first time (12 Jan 16) I went back to Singapore, I was detained for about half an hour because they saw that I overstayed before. After some checking and verification questions, they let me enter Singapore. I stayed there for 14 days.

The second time (9 Jun 16) there was no issue entering Singapore. I wanted to stay for 2 weeks like last time. For some reasons, I bought a new air ticket and extended my stay till 28 Jun. 19 days.

The most recent time (18 Sep 16), the officer indicated on my passport that I must leave on the day I put in my dis/embarkation card (meaning no extension of stay allowed). I did exactly so. I left Singapore after 18 days on 4 Oct 16. However, to my surprise, I was held back at the ICA counter at the airport because there's a pending overstay case. They were surprised too that it's been pending for 2 years and that I was able to enter and exit Singapore a few times with a pending case!

After a few phone calls, some officer at ICA said over the phone that "no action required" for my case. They let me go.

So, now I understand why there was no charge and no fine before. My case is still pending.

Now I'm planning to go back to Singapore to work. There's a company that wants to apply EP for me. I am very worried that the EP application won't be successful due to my pending overstay case. I am not sure if it could be counted as "adverse records", which means banning from working in Singapore forever!

My boyfriend (Singaporean) and I also plan for marriage next year. We're worried that the pending overstay case could badly affect my chance of getting an LTVP (in case that I have no EP by that time).

Now I want to contact ICA to clear my case and prevent the chance of having an "adverse records" when applying for EP.

I tried using their eServices but my issue doesn't fit any categories there. They have no email address. So the only solution is to call their Call Centre? That is quite inconvenient because I am not in Singapore now.

Did anyone contact ICA via email before?

Thank you all for reading and possibly answering my questions.

In many occasion people unwantedly or not knowingly staying in SG where ICA charged $100 penalty and close the case. Since your case didn't happen that way, then only solution is visit ICA office (or ask your BF visit ICA talk to officer directly). Surprise to know that their officers (via mail or phone call) saying that there is no case is pending but then how you got to know that your case is pending? Yes, there could be an adverse case in your EP (anyway getting an EP now a days is really tough), so the better is for you to clear your doubt with ICA (that case is still pending). Good luck

Hi Surya2k

Thanks for your advice. The officer at the airport checkpoint told me that the case is still pending. However, when she called the ICA officer who was in charge of my case, the response she got was "no action required".

This time ask your BF or your next visit to SG, go the ICA building near Lavender mrt and clear your doubt if it's actually pending then try to convince the officer and pay the penalty (if required) and close the case.

You are well advised to clear this open case with ICA before applying for any other pass (as it may get rejected otherwise, as you assumed).
However, I do not understand why it should be difficult to call them - the international phone network is quite well developed (and can even be accessed cheaply via Skype) and Vietnam is not even in a different time zone than Singapore.

Thank you Beppi for your advice. Yes I was thinking of using a Skype account to call. Calling overseas using local landline in Vietnam is pretty expensive.

Anyway, have you encountered any similar case before? I am wondering about the reasons why they leave my case open until today.

I am not very familiar with ICA's procedures, but to me it sounds like just a mistake they made. They are also human, after all!

Hello guys , i got few questions if you can help me.
so basicly 6months ago i got refuse to enter singapore because my return air ticket was not confirmed. and i tried to get in again but got refuse again and they told me to send an appeal letter to ica first via email.
And please note my country dont need visa to enter its a visa free country to enter singapore. so what should i do where should i send appeal letter and what i should write and attach to the appeal ??
And please note i have a company that can sponsor me for singapore like sponsor me for where im staying etc they say they can make an official sponsor letter for me if needed.
i would appreciate replies thanks.

As the officer said, you should write to ICA and give reasons why the ban on entering Singapore should be lifted from you.
A company letter would not help, unless the company applies for a work visa for you.

actually they said if i have a sponsor it might help. where should i send this email and what exactly i need to write on the appeal letter?

When applying for a visit visa, the sponsorship of a Singapore resident (who takes responsibility for any costs you incur while here) helps.
In an appeals letter, you shopuld give reasons why the ban is incorrect (e.g. if you didn't actually break the rules) or why it should be removed prematurely. (Breaking the rules without knowing them would not help you, so leave that out.)

Below link will give you email address of ICA for your reference. Use the correct email address to reach out them. As Beppi already helped you on how to write a mail with rational and evidence (sponsor details, address, present status like PR, or citizen or EP / S pass holder) for ICA to consider your case. Good luck

Thank you for reply im gonna send my appeal letter and a form 14 to them and in the form i have an agency who sponsoring me etc you think it should be okay? i explain them why i got refuse because of my return ticket was open thats why.

do you think it is the correct one?
Apply Entry Visa
[email protected]

Looks like this one, but check, if any other mail ID is more appropriate for query related to entry visa rejection.

Hi.. For wat you replying above is that mean if we paid the penalty $100 then ICA will close our case? Thank u

Hi Beppy...
I stay at the country that no need apply visa to enter SG ..

Check with ICA. You need to get a confirmation from ICA. Don't assume the things like that. Good luck

Hi Beppy...
Im hoping u can help me with my problem.
This year i have visited sg 3times... And 16sep2018 few days ago was my 3rd times visited this yr.and i've been banned to enter for the reason "Being ineligible for the issues of a pass under current immigration policies. and was deported back  17sep 2018.
I think i know the reason why..cos they suspected im coming for working, cos they asked me wat i was doing for a month during my 2nd visited last mth 29july -25aug (28days).
They not believed for.the reason coming for shopping, order clothes that some by shipping from china, and need to wait . And i open pre order for cheap things n sell online (online shop), and they also called my Sg fren n our answered not same.i told them this my fren contact..n my fren told them im his cousin. And i come for3weeks..since i just note in white paper just visited 10days.. so they checked on my phone.and got one screenshot im asking ffo job in messenger "is that any quota for foreigner" and the person who hiring job replied me "i need to check my quota first n inform u later.. " so will my case seriously this time...and the Officer asked me to send an appeal letter to ica . Should i give my reasons so the banned for entry sg should be lifted from me. Any idea better my fren if wanna be my sponsor better he mention i was his cousin or fren as wat i said.. ? Thank you

Hi Beppy...oh ya .. And i heard if i got sponsor ( a Singaporean or PR )help me send the appeal letter using his singpass log in ,afterwhich he need to paid for the transaction for the process, print out the forms needed to be filled out by foreigner and local sponsor ,then send back to.ICA office in kallang rd and give some reason for.the next entry ..any idea must i tell them.the reason why im looking for.job in the previously coming ? Cos i want to apply PR..and i was told by some.fren i must find company that want to hire me n also have quota for me ..thats why.. Any idea wat reason.i should give better? And one more things..i and my sg frens plan to travelling to korea in march next year.. I worried this rejection entered sg will influence me to get korea's Visa... Any idea how to settle this..i was confused.. Thanks before..

Hi... Did ur sponsor need to paid for the fee transaction.process.? I heard its need about less than.$100 or $100 is that right?

Claire: After this occurrence, you better NOT try to enter Singapore for several months (I recommend at least 6 months) and After that contact ICA with a legitimate reason (shopping or job search is not enough).
This will not affect your visa application for other countries (Korea).

Hi u mean now no need to email appeal to ica? Wait after 6mths then email? I think i also cannt try to come in sg without they approve n lifted up my do u think? Thanks

Yes, you are right. it possible to send the requirements via postage to Kallang office? if the sponsor is quiet busy nowadays. Appreciate your help.

Of course postal mail is also possible - just takes much longer.

Hi Beppi..thanks for speedy response. will try :)

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