Delay in contracts with the Ministry of Education Dubai

Hi guys, I'm hoping for some advice. In July I went for an interview for Business with the Ministry of Education (Dubai) and got accepted and received an intial contract. I was suppose to leave the 3rd of Sept but haven't received contract or flights. My agency has said that there has been 'a lot of delays with the pre- employment form'. I really want to move over and have even started looking for new jobs as this seems like they will never happen. I was wondering if anyone is in the same position or has worked with the MOE in Dubai? Do you think I should hold off and wait or start looking? I am so disappointed, there is not that many business jobs available in Dubai so I think I have to go elsewhere. If anyone had advice I would be greatly appreciated 😊

Thank you!!


How did this situation end for you? I'm in the exact same posistion and was meant to start in Jan. Initial contract sent in Nov and still waiting...

Hi I'm just wondering how you got on? I'm now waiting in pre employment checks!

Hello everyone,
I got final offer for employment as teacher in MOE in starting of july. My expected date of departure is 2nd Sep 2018.
Is there someone else for the same department?

My mobilisation date is 7 September. Have you got the tickets and visa?

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