Student pass rejected for my 4 years old son

Hi, I am a PhD student here, and my wife and son are here on LTVP based on my student pass.

My wife is in the process of finding and applying for jobs, while my son has been enrolled in Child Care Center for one year on "Student Pass (Letter of Consent)".

As my son's one year Long term pass is expiring, I preferred to apply for a separate Student Pass for him, to continue studying in the CCC.
However, today I found out that his student pass application is rejected!

What on earth can be the reason for rejection of a student pass application of a 4 years old child whose both parents are residents and he had been already enrolled in CCC for one year??!!

Looking at your case, sorry to say that did you check with the local authorities if your son can apply student pass if yes then what are the requirements.

Below link for you to get an idea: … pageid=256

What I see in your case is that there could be an eligibility issue (not sure though) of your son to apply student pass looking at his age as currently both your wife and son are here under LTVP and you are under student pass. But, did you request them to understand what could be the reason of rejection.

Hope they can clarify you if not in details. Wish you best of luck.

Your post indicates that your son until now attended the child care centre with an LTVP and LoC (Letter of Consent). Now you wanted to change that and applied for his own student pass.
Why did you do that and not continue on the old constellation?

Because my scholarship is coming to end, and I will continue the PhD as a project officer (an employee in the university and part time student, on SP/EP). Both of my wife and son'e passes will be canceled and I won't be able to support a dependent pass for my son because my salary won't be >= 5000.
As long as I will eventually have to switch him to STP, then it's better to switch directly instead of renewing the LTSVP then switching soon.

P.S. His LTVP has already expired by now.

We appealed and the appeal was rejected.
We reverted to the LTVP and tried  STP LOC status but it was rejected.
Another Child development center also rejected.
retied, ---> accepted!!!
No reason in all of the cases.

A friend of mine, (both he and his wife have scholarships in A-STAR. Their sons STPs are also rejected for similar number of times. Again, no reason.

Hi, would like to ask how did you do the appeal? Because when I called ICA they said its through the center but according to the center the letter should be submitted directly to ICA but they can't help how I can send it directly.

Thank you in advance.

by sending an email to [email protected]
And they reply to the center not to you directly.

Hi ,

Saw ur post regarding your Son's student pass rejection. My son case also similar to urs. we were applying from last year , first time rejection we got reason stating , my son not yet 3 years. So we applied  once he completed 3 year, also rejected, Now he is 4 years already, we apply again also rejected with no reason. Any updates in ur Son's Student pass, got any reason for the same ? Please update which will be useful for my side.

Thanks in advance :-).

Has anyone known how to write a appeal letter for rejected child care student's pass to ICA ?
my Daughter 2years old and child care student's pass application has been rejected.
but called ica and  asked about the reason than to sent them the appeal let.
Has anyone could help me ?

Thanks a lot

There is no specified letter, you can write a letter addressing to ICA then provide all the details of your child followed by the case details. Good luck

did you have the appeal letter format? i also need for my child.. thanks a lot..

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