S Pass application is rejected. Need help

I have been studying in Singapore for almost 10 years. I went to government secondary school and completed my diploma and degree in private school in Singapore. After graduated 2 months ago, I got a job offer in accounting sector as a assistant associate.

My salary is slightly above minimum S Pass requirement and the firm that I will be working on is a well established MNC firm in Singapore. However within 4 working days, my application is rejected.
The HR told me that they are going to appeal, what is the chances?

It's difficult to tell about your chance looking at current market situation, where MoM is giving very less number of S passes and EPs but then it evaluates each case on its merit.

I'm not sure in which private institutions you have studied here and their ranks.

I etching you do at present is recheck your documents which you had submitted if anything was missing or wrong information provided to MoM.

Wishing you good luck.

I graduated from RMIT-SIM. I have not receive my official certificate yet and the HR applied for my S pass using my official transcript only. Unfortunately, it is rejected.

Could be one of the reason, try to see if HR gets any response from MoM the reason of rejection. But, many times MoM doesn't provide the reason.

I see, thank you so much for your reply. After I get my cert, the HR will appeal again. Hopefully, I will get it this time round since I've been in sg for awhile. Have a pleasant day Sir

If you have a degree (university or equivalent) and are fresh graduate, you must earn S$3600 or more to be eligible for a work pass (and under normal circumstances it should be an EP). To my understanding all RMIT-SIM degrees are Bachelor level and thus fall under this category.
If your "degree" is in fact only a technical certificate (i.e. the level of a polytechnical diploma), you are eligible for an S-Pass at a lower salary. But an application "slightly above minimum S Pass requirement" is suspicious and MoM often rejects them. Try to convince the company to raise the pay a bit for better chances (or look for another employer).
Good luck!

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