waiting to get my visa to come to singapore

Hello i'm waiting to get my visa to come to singapore and i hope that i can find a job there as arabic teacher

After one week i'll be in singapore and i need to study there to get extension for my visa....so i can work easy... I need a loan for my study fee and i will pay every month for you with the benefits

It is not clear from your two posts with which visa type you come to Singapore.
However, if you do what you indcated in your posts, it is clear that you will break the law (knowingly or not). I will explain this:

- If you come on a tourist or visit visa (SVP or LTVP), you can neither work nor study in Singapore. You can, however, apply for jobs or a place at the university - your visa can be converted if you are accepted.
- If you come on a study visa (or convert your visit visa to one), you are not allowed to work. There are  no legal part-time jobs for foreign students in Singapore and no possibility to earn a bit of money on the side, sorry!
- To get a work visa, you need to be full-time employed by a Singapore company. Part-time work or freelancing as language teacher is not allowed for foreigners.

And last not least: Everything you have heard about Singapore being strict on rules is true. DO NOT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL, or you will regret it later (in your home country, without the possibility to ever again enter Singapore). It is NOT worth it!

Edited to add: Also, please do not approach members of this forum asking for loans. It is not allowed (and nobody in his/her right mind will give money to a stranger on the Internet anyway).

Thank you so mich for this information... But my fiance '' future wife'' did this visa application for me and she said you can study and work part time here once you turn your visa to student pass and get extension '' i think she said extension for two weeks. More''and we can not get married because we need her father approval... And he said no....

Once you are married to a Singapore citizen (and if she has above S$5000/month income and can thus support you), you can get an LTVP, a kind of long-term visa.
I am not sure if you can study on an LTVP (your future wife should ask ICA about this), but you definitely cannot work.
After living in Singapore on LTVP for at least a year, you can upgrade to LTVP+. The Plus means you can then, once you find a job, apply for an LoC (Letter of Consent) from MoM to work in that job. The criteria for LoC are similar to EP, but you don't necessarily need a university degree and you can also work part-time. You cannot freelance or take odd jobs on LTVP+, though.
Her father's consent is not legally required for marrying in Singapore.

Thank you MR.  Beppi for answering my question fast and all this information you gave me wow thank you so much and i'm sorry if i bothered you in any way.... Again you make a lot of questions in mind just disappeared.

If you apply for avosa of singapore not online but you go to embassy by your self... Do the give a number to check the statut of your visa or this service only once you apply fo visa online

To marry a Singaporean, below are the points to be noted including your partner need to apply for prior approval. You may go through the details in the link.
https://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/mfa/over … tters.html

There are few things Beppi did not highlight. wef 01 Jan15, there is a pre assessment carried out at ICA before marriage between a Singaporean and a foreigner. In this process you may get LTVP but if you don't do this, it could fetch upto 6 months to get approval. Secondly, marrying a Singaporean doesn't means you will get a LTVP automatically, it's an assessment will be verified carefully case by case and you may or may not be granted. Further details can be read in below link:


To your last query, VISA can be applied at Singapore embassy in your country which can be checked the status online at embassy website. But, I would suggest to ask your future wife to check with ICA and find out how to submit your case of marriage prior to your tourist visa granted.

One advise, to you and your future wife, do review all your details before submitting to ICA then don't do anything illegal or submitting false certificate or documents or accordance against to the law, which will be severe to very severe consequences you may face in Singapore. This country is highly regulated and very strict laws are in place. So, read it carefully and call to the contact number mentioned in the website if any point you need further clarification.

My best wishes to you couple. Good luck for rest of your life.

Thank you MR. Surya...... But first i want to tell you that me and my future wife are muslims that's why she need her dad approval....
The second thing we don't have embassy of singapore in algeria(my country)
The third thing my future wife said we can habe this number to check for statut later
Finally thank you for listening and for you help. I apprecciate this

Then best way is your future wife should submit the case in ICA and upon approval of ICA, you will get a LTVP. Mean time you can go through the links which had provided in my earlier message and can get an idea how this works in Singapore. Go through the process step by step and if any queries you have, your future wife can consult ICA over phone.

Good luck you both.

HinMR'surya...... My future wife is deverced woman... She get devorce before....
And she don't know what she will write in the submit
Can i give her email then you can explain to her.. Thank you again

Hello everyone,

just to inform you that this new thread has been created from Chemsou1986 queries and the feedbacks he received on the Singapore forum.

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Chemsou1986: please provide her the two links I had mentioned in my first mail. She needs to go through the details and if she finds any difficulties then she may visit ICA office and seek consultation about her queries. After understood the processing and requirements in details from the ICA representative, it will be easier for her to proceed further.

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