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          My employer applied for my TEP for summer training in Singapore as a research student and MoM is showing my status as  "Pending inputs from vetting agencies. expected outcome is 2 months from the date of application". By now it is 2 months and i have not received the approval. I just want to ask that can the approval of TEP take more than 2 months. I have already visited Singapore last summer on TEP. and this time my employer has applied for new TEP. Please guide me.

Apparently, MoM has decided to check your credentials more thoroughly this time, and the external checking agents need that long (these are usually located in your home country and their working speed is out of MoM's control).
Your employer can contact MoM to ask about the status and expected time of approval/rejection. This will not speed up the process, but might (or might not) give you more information about what is holding it up. Only if your planned starting date in Singapore is approaching and you still did not receive an answer, can your employer apply for urgent, temporary measures at MoM.

Thanks beppi
                        Can i contatct those agencies in my home country to speed up the vetting process.

If you know who they are, I guess you can contact them directly. You can ask MoM!

I never heard MoM informs the vetting agency name which they are dealing with. It's their internal process. If you know that it's pending at vetting process, then you can directly contact those educational institutions and/or companies ( for experience) which you have provided to MoM, they may speed up their response.

Thanks again for ur previous help and guidance but I haven't received any response from MoM until now. It is three months now from the date of application and when i contacted my Employer in Singapore, he said that he has already played his role. I don't know what to do? My departing date is arriving very quickly now. Pls guide me if there is anyway to speed up the process. I think MoM has forgotten about my case and put my application somewhere and forget about it.

3 months looks like too long to conclude your case. Never heard of that earlier, doesn't looks positive sign to me. Nevertheless, if possible visit MoM office with your all original documents and case number. It might give you a clear picture at MoM. Or email them, they are punctual to reply you, may not give you the details but enough evidence to understand fate of your case. Same time, as I had told you earlier  to check at institutions and companies which experience and qualifications you had provided to MoM, if they had received any verification from third party vetting agency on behalf of MoM?

And, regarding to your thoughts that MoM might have forgot your case and left it open forever is 100% not true. MoM has record base system where every month it appears a pending application lists and with the reason. So, there is no way that they would have forgot your case.

Wish you good luck.

What is the email address to contact MoM

Check the MoM website for a general address. But it would be better if your employer directly contacts the ifficer in charge of your case - only the company can find out who that is.

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