How do stay in Singapore for 6-12 months?

Hi all,

We are looking at going travelling and working 'from' a bunch of different countries.  We own our own companies and can basically work from anywhere with good internet.

We're from Australia and we'd like to start with Singapore, living their for between 6 to 12 months.

We don't need an employment pass or work visa or anything like that as we aren't working for anyone else.

We just want to be able to live locally, do some consulting (out of our Australian companies), get to know the local industries that we work with and explore the region for the next place to move onto and do the same.

While we are there, we will 100% be leaving and returning at least fortnightly to surrounding countries.  Does this action automatically reset our 30 or 90 days each time?

Also, we will want to get an apartment while we are there... probably something furnished and serviced.  Will they have any requirements?

Thanks all!


This will not work as you planned.

1. To do work of any kind in Singapore, you need a visa allowing work. If you are self-employed, you need an EntrePass - requirements are too high for a temporary set-up like yours, but there is no other legal way to do this.

2. Renting residential property requires a residence (meaning long-term) visa. Without one (e.g. on a Social Visit Pass or tourist visa) you are limited to hotels, hostels and serviced apartments, which will cost you a minimum of S$3000/month per person.

3. Given that the average visitor stays 3.5 days, you will be seriously questioned about your reasons for such a long stay on your second or third re-entry. If you don't present your case well, immigration will (at their discretion) only give you a few days visa to be able to pack your things and leave for good. Under no circumstances will you be able to stay more than 89 days in any 6 months period on a visitor visa.

The rules are pretty similar in most Southeast Asian countries (there isn't a way to officially do temporary freelance or self-employed work in any of them), but the chances of doing it under the radar are higher in some places. In Singapore, DON'T!

OK. So what is the best way to stay as long as possible - around 9 months. Is there a possible way to just be on a holiday visa for an extended period? or some other way.

Tourist visa are available for stays up to 89 days and allow no work whatsoever.
If you are student and from an eligible country, you could try the Work Holiday Visa (WHV) - the rules are not clear about if freelance work is allowed or not, so you'd have to ask the authorities (running a business is definitely not o.k.).
I am not aware of any other way.

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