Employment pass processing time

Hi everyone,

My company applied for employment pass 7 days ago. I checked online status and it is still pending on 7th day. Now I have started panicking a bit. Does processing time and the outcome have any relation?

MoM takes time on EP or S pass approval. Sometime it takes a month or so. So have patience and there is no direct relationship between pass processing and approval out come.

So, no need to be panicking. All the best.

Same here.
My Ep application submitted on 18th Nov and still in pending status. My previous applications were pretty fast which took 3 to 4 days only... dont know why this time pending for so long....In MOM website, it says it takes 7 working days, but I read quite a lot posts saying it takes weeks...really worried...

Don't worry before a month is over, or better two.
In any case, as Surya said above, the time it takes is no indication of your approval chances (MoM just tests your patience).

Okay.thanks for sharing.Also I dont have a choice than to wait

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