Moving to Vienna - career opportunities


I am considering moving to Vienna from Wroclaw, Poland next year -  once I graduate from college with my Master's Degree. I am currently employed in a major loan company as a debt collector for the UK market.
Considering that my German skills are quite average, I would be interested in a similar english-speaking job in Vienna. What are my opportunities? Where should I look? From what i have already researched, almost all jobs require at least good command of German.

I will appreciate all the advice you can give me.

Hi Ratum,

Welcome to :)

I suggest you browse through the Jobs in Vienna section and drop your resume in the work sector that you feel more comfortable doing please :)

Thank you


Learning tge basics of German is a must. You can find lesson online.

I've been learning German for years actually, but I stopped after high school so I forgot quite a lot

It will be good to refresh, then will have a better chance.

Have a look at this site for jobs

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