Cancellation of employment pass

Good day to you. I am writing to query about the employment pass. I have get a job offer from one company at Singapore. I had realized that the company is weird and not suitable for me. So, I intend to reject the offer and I'm haven't signed for any contract or offer letter. However, the company had applied the employment pass for me directly and it had been approved by MOM. So, I'm request them to cancel the application for me. It is possible to do it? What if the company reject to cancel the application for me?

I am look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your help.

The company must (by law) cancel an EP or EP application once you declare that you will not take up employment with them.
If they don't, report this to MoM and MoM will cancel your EP and warn the company.

ok...noted...thanks for your explanation...^^

How can I check my status to make sure that approved application was cancelled?? Thanks...^^

You can use the EP Online system on MoM's website to check your status.

Okay...Once the approved EP was cancelled. It is will get any affect for the new application in future? Because I was give up on it after the EP application had been approved by MOM before the permit card had been issued. Is still available for me to apply it in future?

Thanks for your reply.

You can always apply, but whether you get the EP or not depends on many factors. Having withdrawn an approved EP is certainly not good on your record. my approved ep have been is possible that I get a new offer from others company and apply for ep again?

Yes, now another employer can apply for another EP for you.

Hi..  Any updates.?

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