Will I get the EP? Help me with the trauma!

Hi All,

Would request you all to share your experience, and suggest me on the case as I mention below.

I was working in Kuala Lumpur in a decent job. Meanwhile, I received another job offer in KL itself.
With excitement, I accepted the new offer with better role. Also, I resigned my current job.

Meanwhile, just 1 week before I was about to join the new job, I received an offer from Singapore. This offer was even better, so I accepted it, and told my new employer that I won't be joining due to certain family conditions.

The next thing, I submitted documents for EP in SIngapore. Gave my passport, masters degree and bachelor degree. Initially it was refused within couple of hours because I have given my bachelors marksheet, but not a degree. The master degree document was complete, though,
Based on this comment, I provided provisional degree certificate to my employer. When they asked about original degree, I told them that my university has not issued degree to the ones who even passed out in 1994, so cant get an original one.

They resubmitted, and thankfully the application has been accepted by the system yesterday. Now here are my queries:

1. Since the application is now accepted, the document set is complete. Is this a right assumption?
2. With over 6 years experience and a decent education background, what are the chances of success of application?
3. I know that MOM says 1 week time for applications, but generally how long can it take?
4. This is for fellow Indians.. Has any of you faced issues recently in getting the EP recently?
5. What has been the success rate of applications for employment? Any link where I can check?

I really thank you for your suggestions in advance, because currently I am in a horrible state. I am the one with responsibility of a family, and the one who is jobless despite having 3 jobs :(

Suggestions and views please (sorry for rush, but actually it's panicky)

1. so you mean the EP application was submitted, or you have been accepted for EP. The former means nothin (only that MoM will process it now), the latter means you have an EP (or the IPA letter that precedes it) and no more worries.
2. there are many factors influencing EP approval/rejection. It is impossible to tell from the limited information you gave.
3. Processing takes between a few days and a month or more, depending on the background checks MoM decides to do with your home country authorities, schools, previous employers, etc.
4. due to too many abusers in the past, applications by Indians are scrutinised more than others.
5. there is no statistics and MoM keeps this data very confidential, to prevent people from custimizing applications for success.

Altogether, you are showing a severe case of Kiasuism (Singlish word - google it!) and have only yourself to blame if the house of cards you built collapses and you end up with nothing. Since it's always better to be prepared, do arrange for a possible return to India soon!

Hi Beppi, Many thanks for your reply. In fact, your posts on the forum are quite helpful.

Here is my response:

1. Yes, it means that they will process it now. Earlier they could not process it due to lack of document, and they have now put it into processing yesterday, when I submitted the doc to my new employer's HR.
I am just hoping that IPA comes in...

2. I know many factors would come in while approval of EP, but based on your experience, do they generally approve of EP for a 6 year work ex Indian with specialized research knowledge and a salary above 6K.

3. I also understand that processing can take short or long time based on the case. However, if I was to ask an average or 'general' time taken, what would it be? I know no one can tell, but in your experience, what has been the general time frame like. I am curious cuz I am jobless :(

4. Lets see if I am one of them. However, no issues about it cuz all the docs and credentials are correct.

5. I dont want to know the parameters, but to understand what % of applications are successful?


2. I still don't know what industry you are in (and what the employment situation is in it), whether your degree(s) are recognised by MoM, whether your work experience and degree are relevant to the job, whether the employer is allowed to hire foreigners and does not already have too many of them, whether the job was unsuccessfully posted on the (locals only) job bank for two weeks, etc. Thus it is useless to speculate on your chances.
3. I think average is around 1 - 2 weeks, but Indians generally take longer - possibly because of more background checks and the speed with which your home country authorities, schools and employers respond.
5. There is no percentage published, and I personally see only forum posts, almost all of which do have problems getting an EP.

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