Chinese diploma for PR application

Hi, I would like to ask if chinese diploma for primary and secondary school in the philippines should be translated in english since I want to include this qualification for my PR application. Does it help? If it is, does it need an official translation in english? Thank you very much....

These notes may be useful, as they detail all the types of documents needed, including educational at (f). However, normally anything before university is a bit irrelevant. … 4%20v2.pdf

I disn't know they issue certificates in Chinese in the Philippines.
But since Chinese is an official language in Singapore, you don't need a translation.

Thanks beppi, there are a lot of chinese schools in the philippines. they give diploma for chinese for graduating primary and secondary schools. I would like to add it to my profile for PR application since having these may inprove chances, other than graduating MS at NUS, with two years work experience, is it?

Your last degree, especially if it's from Singapore, is of course far more important than the others.
But adding it does no harm.

I think the link says 3 years' tax records, but check it out - I may have misunderstood the document.

IRAS tax records can be retrieved by ICA with the click of a mouse, thus don't need to be submitted.
But this does mean that under normal circumstances you need to have worked (and paid tax) in Singapore for a minimum of 3 years before you can be considered for PR. There are some special cases, though, where this requirement is waived - Nobel Prize winners or world class athletes are examples, and people who successfully completed their education in Singapore have also been successful occasionally, if keeping them is in the strategic interest of Singapore (e.g. their skills are rare and in demand here).

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