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Hi everyone! I am Canadian RN with BSN degree looking into possibility to work at CHUV, Lausanne. Given hight cost of living I am wondering is nursing concidered well payed profession? Also I have heard that European nurse's scope of practice is more limited compared to North America. I am legitimately worried since I am finishing my graduate degree at the world class university and would not want to " keep it in the drawer". Any useful information regarding nursing salary, working conditions, image of nursing in society would be highly appreciated!

Salaries are generally very good in Switzerland, and nursing is no exception. Given that your chosen place is Chuv in Lausanne, you would need to be able to speak French.
Nursing is highly respected in Switzerland, and because there is a compulsory medical insurance system, very many good hospitals with highly trained staff

Why don't you contact the hospital directly and ask if your qualifications are acceptable? I would guess so, however I did have an Indian colleague whose wife is a doctor, and as fas as I was aware, she could not practice in Switzerland.
Having said that, I have seen many Filipino nurses working at hospitals in Zürich, but we are in the German speaking part of the country, and they have learnt it.  I was once also treated by an Australian German speaking doctor.

You say you are a graduate and spelt paid payed??

Thank you for reply. As far as I know there is mutual agreement with Quebec regarding nursing licence transfer and yes I am in graduate program and do make tons of grammatical mistakes  :joking:

Hi! How are you doing? I am a RN and planning to move to Switzerland too.
If you don't mind, I have some questions... Do you work at the CHUV? How is the salary? Can you save some money at the end of the month?
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I suggest you create a new thread on the Lausanne forum to ask your questions.


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