Practicing architecture in Switzerland

Hi everyone! I'm a Filipina and planning to go to Switzerland next year. I'm just wondering if it's easy to find a job in the architecture field for a foreigner. I have a degree in architecture here in the Philippines and I have yet to take the licensure exam on January. In terms of experience, I have worked as a junior architect in a design-build firm (local) for over a year and as a kitchen sales designer. Aside from my native language, I also speak English but I'm currently attending German language classes.

So yeah, I was wondering if it would be easy to get a job there? I don't have any particular city in mind. And will my qualifications be recognized, assuming that I will already have my license by the time I go there? Or at the very least, will my degree be recognized or will I need to study architecture there in order to practice?

Thanks! ^^

Hi summer01 !
As a Filipina you must have a working permit but I don't exactly know which one. You can check out this website, it is surely fruitful in information concerning the requirements : … m_das.html
You can perhaps ask informations at the Swiss Embassy in Manila. If I'm not wrong they are now in Makati (two years ago they were at The Fort).

What's for sure, depending on the city you want to live you must be fluent in German, Italian or French. I live in Geneva but I'm not so sure how hard it is to find a job as an architect here. I only assume that Zurich seems more accessible...
Here is another website that may be useful :

If you need to study architecture or do an equivalence you can ask informations to those highly qualified school in Zurich : - the lessons are given in German, in Lausanne : - in French
There is also one in Geneva :

Hopefully this helped you,
Cheers !

Thanks so much, May_nila!

The links you have provided is a goldmine of info. Most answers to my questions regarding recognition of professional qualifications are there.

Glad it was helpful. Don't hesitate if you have any other questions.
Good luck & ingat !

Hello! Were you able to work as an architect in Switzerland after you got your license? I am also a Filipina and I also have a degree in Architecture. I am in the same state of curiousness as you were before. Hehe.