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Hello how can I find unskilled Job in Switzerland as a foreigner?

Switzerland is not an immigration-friendly country in regard to unskilled jobs.  You should look to other countries, minding that local national language skills are usually required.

@Nkiroteirene hey i have skilled in farming and fruit and wht u r Instagram id i can contract u on Instagram

Hi! I also have experience in agriculture and fruit picking, i anyone has an idea where to find a job, I would be very happy if you share knowledge! I am living in Switzerland now and I am looking for a job to start as soon as possible!



@juls6 hey juls u have Instagram account I can say u on Instagram account where to u find let me know

@juls6 hey juls u have Instagram account I can say u on Instagram account where to u find let me know
-@Balpraveen Sarode

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I would like to ask for your help! A couple of years ago I worked in Switzerland for a few months, in Péry in the Vigier Ciment factory. I only spent a few months there but I really liked Switzerland! Unfortunately, I only had to overhaul one mining machine and my contract was only for that long. I would love to go back and work/live in Switzerland. I have an AHV, AVS card, maybe I think I am ahead of the game in that respect...

I am looking for a helpful person who would be willing to give me a job or help me find a job! My official professions are: Welder, Cook and Electrician.

I'm also good at many other things, plasterboard fitting, gardening, cleaning, painting etc. I can find a job in any new place as I'm a quick learner, good with my hands and hardworking.

I know there are job search portals, but I would prefer to get a job from a private person, someone who appreciates my diligence, my work and we get along well. This is exactly why I prefer to post in this forum.

I have worked in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Greece. I am well liked everywhere, I am a good humoured, humorous, respectful and extremely hardworking person who is very thorough in my work!

As I haven't been to Switzerland for a long time I have forgotten a lot and I don't speak the language, it will take me a while to get back into the swing of things, but I also speak English at a conversational level.

My dream is to live and work in Switzerland, I would be very grateful for the job in exchange for the person who discovers me! Hard work is not a problem either, for a long time I maintained garbage burning furnaces for 12 hours a day, anyone who knows this job knows what it entails... :)

Anyway I am 32 years old, I have a girlfriend, she is 33 years old and she cleans hotels in Tyrol, we would like to find a similar job for her in Switzerland, she speaks German.

I would be happy to hear any ideas on where else I could look for work like this!

Thank you for reading!