How can I find job sponsorship to move to Switzerland?

Hi there,

I am currently living in New Zealand until March 2017, thereafter I will be making my way home to Cape Town South Africa. From there I will be looking to make a move to Switzerland if I can find a company to sponsor me in order to obtain a visa.
I am 27 years old originally from Cape Town, absolutely love travelling, sports, animals, the outdoors, new adventures and learning new things.

I have 4 years study experience and received my degree in Sports Management. I then studied for a further year and received my postgraduate diploma in Management. I have various work experience in the sales, front of office, marketing and management departments since then.

It is a passion of mine to make the move to Switzerland, and I very much hope for the opportunity to do so. I have the ability to learn quickly, enjoy new challenges and willing to take on any job and do it to the best of my ability. I look forward to bringing value to a company and gaining further professional knowledge.
I already have friends in Switzerland and really hope for the opportunity to call this beautiful place home.

If anybody has any suggestions, it would be very much welcome and appreciated!

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.
Mel :)

Hi Mel,

Welcome to :)

For some starting information about Switzerland, i invite you to have a look at the Living in Switzerland guide  , it might help you.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Mel,

I am in a similar boat, also South African, wanting to relocate to Suisse.

Check for jobs on LinkedIn and
With your experience, educational qualification, and age, you should get in.

Don't waste time though, start your application process. Build a good LinkedIn profile. It is all about marketing yourself now.

All the best.


hello dear, I'm a Swiss publisher, contact me at ***

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It's very hard to find a job when you are not European citizen in Switzerland... Employers have to prove they don't find Swiss, resident then European to do the job...

Hi,I would like to kno if  buying property in Switzerland is possible.

Sports Management - Plenty of international sports organizations are located in Switzerland. Google for them and apply for your favorite sports. Then you need a fair share of luck.

You can buy a property, but only for yourself, and you need at least B Permission and plenty of money.