Applying for a job

Updated 2011-09-22 04:13

A job application in Switzerland consists of a quite extensive "Dossier", containing at least:

  • An application letter, in which you state why you are interested in the job (or, in general, working for this company when you make an open application), provide arguments why you are the perfect candidate for the job, and ask for a job interview. The letter should be kept short: not more than one page. Don't forget to sign the letter.

  • An extensive resume (CV), including a photo (no cheap holiday picture: suit and tie are the standard). Take care that the CV is complete, and clearly ordered. It is usual to sign the resume as well.

  • Photocopies (or scans of you apply by e-mail) of diplomas and written references from your former employees. Such written references ("Arbeitszeugnisse") are quite usual in Switzerland and any employer must provide one on request of the employee. As this is not the case in all countries, you may have had former jobs without written reference. Never send original diplomas or references.

  • When applying by ordinary mail, the application documents should be neatly arranged in a folder. Don't take a cheap paper folder - your application should make a professional impression and you'll have the dossier returned to you after the application procedure. When applying by e-mail, take care that all documents are attached to your e-mail and that the recipient can easily find its way in all the attachments. Swiss like things neatly ordered!

Usually, a job advertisment contains a telephone number of someone that can provide more information about the position. It is well worth to make a phone call in advance and to ask some more details about the job, before handing in a formal application dossier.

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