Employment in Switzerland

Kind regards.

My name is Adriana Laner, I am Venezuelan and Italian.

Lawyer, Specialist in International Studies and Relations, Business Management and Defense and Protection of Human Rights.

I would love to find a job in my area of ​​work, enrich my knowledge and contribute enormously to an organization inherent to my profile.

Thanking you for your attention,

I say goodbye.

Adriana Laner

Hello Adriana Laner,

Welcome !

Please create your CV in the Job offers in Switzerland section of the website and read the articles under the Work in Switzerlandto find out more about how you can land an opportunity.

All the best


Hello, Thank you for your reply 😊

I am not looking to work for someone, I am looking at opening my own business there.


Hello and welcome !

How many accounts do you have on the website please ? Does the account Adriana Laner belongs to you ?