Is it easy to find massage therapist job in Switzerland?

I know many people come to Switzerland to study Hotel Management... I just wonder do they have demand for overseas massage therapists for their spa?

how can a working holiday visa holder find work as massage therapist in Switzerland? are there any job websites?

Hello there,
I myself is living on my computer everyday to seek for a job, how to do it? Here..but it is not easy
The best way is..
-You have relatives in the country or friends that will help you find an employer to the country you want to go in.
-Go for a tourist visa and while you're there, you'll take the opportunity to search for a job, but illegally and not easy, still nothing is impossible if you believe :-)
-Go for a student visa short course, work part-time and if the host will like you, I'm sure they will hire you permanently. Just keep the values ;-)
-Apply for a work visa/skilled visa which is not easy as there are many competitions. But you can try. In your case "massage therapist" not bad, BUT the foreign countries law wont make it easy for us. Yes "US" I'm a licensed MT and caregiver as well. I only look for a job as an Aupair of caregiver, not MT, because before the immigration allows the company to hire foreign people, they'll check first if there is nobody from their country that don't have these skills. This is the reason why almost all foreign peeps work in the other country as a caregiver, aupair, welder etc as these are the "cheap/demanding/heavy" jobs.

I tried it all, because I am desperate to go and explore whichever right way-but so far, the only easy way was depending with friends which thanks God I had. I'm patiently waiting for them.

Hi I was a massage therapist in Oslo Norway for almost 4 years. I want to work in Switzerland as a caregiver.  Any tips guys.?

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Hi, are you living in switzerland ?
We are a professional indigenous medicine therapist firm. We are looking for professional  healing therapist(Licensed professionals and Trainees. Applicants must be already living in Switzerland.
P.S: please do not apply if you are out of switzerland.


You've replied to someone who hasn't posted in 10+ years.  Doubtful you'll get a reply.

If you wish to advertise job positions, please do so in the JOBS section.  Keep in mind, that this is an expatriation site, so a lot of people here may not already be living in Switzerland already, but are looking for ways to immigrate via job sponsorship.