I'm searching a job in Lausanne and surroundings. Can you help me and tell me the job agencies there? I found some agencies but not that much... I wish also to go there for interview for one-two days. Could you recommend me an hotel not too expensive in Lausanne and also in Morges?

Thank to all of you for your precious advises!


Hello Kat!

Maybe you could tell us about your professional competence.

Who knows?

Other members may help you.

Thank you,

Hello Harmonie,

Thank you for your answer! :) I have a Master in Commercial Management, International Trade and Foreign Languages. I speak French, German, English and Italian. I search a job in commercial sector. Customer Service Representatice, Sales Representatvie, etc... this kind of job where I could use my languages.
I like so much business relations, i am used to it. I worked with many countries and different cultures.

I strongly hope to find a job in this wonderful country! :)