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Hello everyone!

I am a Biologist (Master level) and I am interested in finding an internship or graduate job near Lausanne, in a pharmaceutical company, or research center. I have already sent some applications, but open vacancies for graduates are very few. Would it be helpful if I sent cv/application to many companies just to ask? I am getting more & more confused to that.

Thank you very much..

Hello dimitratripol.

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I invite you to read these various articles on Work in Switzerland.

You can post an advert in the jobs in Lausanne section as well.

Good luck in your research,

Thank you very much Aurelie.!


Γεια σου Dimitratripol!

Είναι αλήθεια ότι είναι αρκετά δύσκολο να βρεις κάτι γιατί όλοι απαντάνε "cut fees" και άλλα αποθαρρυντικά, αλλά όσο μπορείς ψάξε το. Εγώ ήμουν τυχερή, υπήρχε συγγενής εδώ που με βοήθησε. Αν έχεις κάποιον να σε φιλοξενήσει στην Ελβετία θα ήταν μία καλή ευκαιρία να το ψάξεις από κοντά. Αν συναντήσω κάτι ενδιαφέρον, θα χαρώ να σε ενημερώσω σύντομα.

Hi lpgre, could you please post in English in this Anglophone forum?


Hi Harmonie! i just replied to Dimitra and told her that it is hard to find something since everyone have been replying "cut fees". On the other hand, I was quite lucky, I have a family acquaintance here that helped me a lot and Ι actually live with them right now. If there is someone for Dimitra in Switzerland as well, it could be a good chance for her to come and seek for a job more closely. If I come up with something interesting in her field, I will be glad to help her.

Thank you very much for the advice and interest lpgre! Truth is that I have found it very difficult so far, and I realize that it is very helpful  to seek for a job while staying there.

You work in the field of pharmaceutical industry?

It seems that things haven't worked out for me either. The bdget was low enough for recruiting me for a couple of months. It is indeed very hard, so, currently, I find myself jobless and the cost of life here may soon force me to go back in Greece.

I am a chemical engineer, so pharmaceutical industries are in my range of search as well.

Good luck, we'll stay in touch!