Work for recent Fiction Major graduate?

Hello all,
I want to get a job in Switzerland in Lausanne, and I want it to be particularly in Lausanne because I have friends there.
I graduated with a bachelor's degree in May, in the major of Fiction Writing. My minor was sociology. I am 25 years old.
My interests include writing, piano (playing for 19 years, but not professional or anything, but it would be cool if I was qualified enough to teach), and although I have no degree in this, I know a lot about psychology and helping people with their mental health. I've considered combining my interests of writing and music with this (ex: narrative therapy). I also have worked at a dessert food establishment for eight years, four or five of which I was a manager, and I am a great hard worker and very skilled at working with the people I manage.
I speak only English.
So what kind of jobs are available there for me? I've looked around on the internet but am having trouble figuring it out. I thought maybe I could assist a creative writing teacher at University of Lausanne, because I am a great creative writer and because the fact that english is my native language might be an asset, but then I realized they actually don't have creative writing as a major. Just literature, yuck. So what else could I do? What kind of jobs are available there for a person like me?

I'm in Basel Land in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and am retired.  :)
I know nothing of employment prospects in your field but would like to suggest how you may search further.
Find and become a member of the English Forum Switzerland (look up in Google). That is the main Swiss wide stomping ground for English-speaking expats in Switzerland. There is a section for Employment and one for Lausanne. The forum is an absolute madhouse at times, but there is still a good chance of gleaning useful information there.
As a US citizen you are exempt from obtaining a visa to visit Switzerland for 90 days in 180. Please note however that having 'no visa' is equivalent to having a Schengen Area visa. Also read up the Visa policy of the Schengen Area.
To be a successful expat in Lausanne you will eventually need to know French. I would suggest a month or two total-immersion French course in the US before you leave. Don't put that off too long. You are at the borderline of still being young enough to learn a new language properly.
Good luck!

Thanks so much!  :)