Where to work?

Hi everyone! very soon Im planning move to lausanne. I already found french courses and now I wondering where to work? Im 23 y.o. I speak russian and english, but dont speak french at all.. I was working as a receptionist in a 5stars hotel, also Im certified flight attendant. I dont have any ideas what kind of job i can find there without french language.. but I really hope that someone could help me and give me some advices or useful links. Thnx a lot!

I disagree with u.. Lausanne very nice and quite city, exactly what I was looking for! and I have strong reason to move to there.. so, if I'll be able to find a job it would be great!! :top:

Lausanne and nearby Geneva host a lot of international organisations and companies. Such firms will be your best bet if you don't speak the local language yet.

I agree with Twan. There are plenty of international organizations in Geneva (NPO's, United Nations, etc.) where your language skills can be of great use.
You can find all Jobs for Geneva on this website:
http://www.jobagent.ch/job-in-geneva.html (Sorry, not all job offers are in English but you'll definitely find some here!)

Thanks a lot to everyone for help!!:top: I hope I'll find something very soon!;)

Hi Karolina,

I see you're leaving London, I did the same! :)

I think most of the places that are actively recruiting are like call centres, you could try Swiss Air perhaps if you've got experience as a flight attendant. Donno where S. Air is based though...

Try anywhere you can, I find the Swiss liking skills such as foreign languages ect... well that's everywhere though, the more languages you speak, the more chances you get in regards to finding employment.

You'll deffo get something, keep looking and like others said, international companies constantly recruit.