Moving to Lausanne

Hey all!

I'm considering in going to live to Lausanne for some months to improve my French level while working, so I would appreciate the help of those who are already living in this Swiss city.
Some of the questions I have are:

* Are there (and if so, how can I find them) apartments to share with other roommates?

* With Proficiency level of English, B2 level of French and B1 of German, do you think I could find a job somewhere in Lausanne? My preference would be to work in a hotel given that I have studied Hotel Management,but are there a lot of hotels in the city? Otherwise I would be ok being employed in a restaurant, café, store, etc., because my main reason to go there is to get a proficiency level in French.

* If I were to chose between Lausanne and Geneve, which one would be a better option (taking into account all the affected facts such as money, difficulty to find a job, apartment,etc)?

Thanks so much in advance!


Welcome on Expat-blog Rose! :)

You should have a look the theLausanne classifieds > accommodation section and place an ad there. The Find a job in Switzerland guide could help you, there are some useful links.

Good luck
Christine is the best one for Lausanne

You can even take assistance (moderated: no free ads please) as it helped me a lot for very economical charges for their servives.