Minimum salaries

After I heard that some foreigner are receiving such terrible salary offers, I decided to put for everybody links with the official minimum salaries in Switzerland.

Calculator from the confederation (only in German, French and Italian), to verify according to experience and formation the own salary: … izard.aspx

As reference the minimum salaries from the hotel business: … /l-gav.htm

And as additional reference, me, as reception manager, I have to pay to a person without experience, just because he/she has an appreticeship certificate CHF 4'100.00 brutto per month.

I hope it help others.

I tried out the first link (with my age reduced since I'm over 65) and the result looked quite reasonable.
However, I think it would be virtually impossible for someone who does not speak German (or French) to fill out the tabular form.


Well, it is clear that if one goes to work abroad, it is very important to learn the local language at least in a basic form. Nowadays with internet it is possible to translate quickly the information.