Looking for help with teaching in Lausanne


I am currently a business and economics teacher in Ireland and I am moving to Switzerland and more specifically Lausanne this summer. I am also in the process of obtaining the CELTA qualification to teach English. So I feel that I will have enough qualifications to give myself a good chance of obtaining teaching work. Either in an international school or else teaching English. However I have no real idea where to start looking for jobs, I am scrolling through blogs and forums and also searching on jobup.ch but I am having difficulty making any contacts or potential work. I know it is a few months away yet but I would like to have some progress and definite ideas on what I am doing. Would really appreciate any help. Cheers

Hello wayside7 and welcome on board! :)

You may try to drop in an advert in our section Jobs in Lausanne to try find a work.

Expat.com Team

Thanks mate!!