Bahrain Visa Process - My Experience

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Thanks for this info.
I too am heading in from Dubai although I can see the usual pitfalls etc of any visa application from my own experience and through that of companies I have dealt with over the past 3 years some visa's can be done on the basis of who you know sometimes.....legally without too much hassle. I have seen this several times in Dubai anyway....I have been told of 50 and even 100 year visa's being granted (not sure of the truth) but it was based apparantly on bringing a lot of money and/or investment interests in.
I don't fall into those categories by the way just thought I would share even if a bit off topic.

I have one question though if I may....why a medical in Dubai and then another in Bharain?
I know it may well all be different but I know of people coming into Dubai with papers and not having to do another.

Hi Carl2016,

I guess it depends on the rules of the Country, but in Bahrain i am sure its Mandatory to have a medical test before and after you are here.


Hi Carl,

Welcome to expat and Bahrain. I am sure you will like it here.

B. wishes

Thanks for that.
I don't arrive officially until December or January but joined this site ahead of time to get pointers and advice from all you good folk and hopefully some new pals.

Great post and I will help many members

Hello All!

First of all- thank you everyone who contributed to this post (massive thanks to XTang!)

It sounds like the entire visa process is done within the country after you get a job offer, is that true? Is there anything that needs to be completed/prepared before you enter the country? 

Also, would it be possible to get very brief definitions of some of the acronyms used in this post? Like, what's a CID, CPR, PRO, MOH, LMRA, NOC, GOSI? (google is not proving very useful :C )

Hello Krishire,

Here are your acronyms :
Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID)
Central Population Register/Registration (CPR)
Public Relations Officer (PRO)
Ministry of Health (MOH)
Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA)
No Objection Certificate (NOC)
General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)


Thank you! That helps a lot! =)

I have got an job offer with a company with Bahrain and i have accepted it. I have even submitted required documents like passport copies, GAMCA medical tests report,etc to my employer and its been more than 4 weeks but still my visa has not been approved. Is this timeline quite normal??

I would like to know as well although mine is not urgent as such because I only need it for January.


yes its quite normal, just follow up with your potential employer for the same.


logicalindian :


yes its quite normal, just follow up with your potential employer for the same.


Thank you for your revert... yes i am in follow up with them and they are also trying pretty hard to get these things sorted as the earliest.

Anyone having any idea on what is CR?? and how long does it take to resolve CR issue so that my employer can get my visa processed?

CR is Commercial registration which is required by an Employer. It will depend on what type of issue.

logicalindian :

CR is Commercial registration which is required by an Employer. It will depend on what type of issue.

I guess a sponsored visa for 2yrs!

I have a offer from Bahrain Company and they asking me pre medical examination report for the process. I'm now in Dubai and would like to know which hospital is good for completing this requirement and how much it will cost me.

Please suggest me a good hospital with less price.

Thank you,
Arun Kumar


Usually the pre-medical test are done in your home country, in this case you could just ask your potential employer where can you get it done or you could just post a query on Dubai forum for the same.

I am sure if anyone else on the forum has more info they will reply back.


Thanks dear and also how is Bahrain to live ? Is it friendly and happening place or very strict ?

Its small, beautiful, friendly & a peaceful country, we have liberal laws here almost same as Dubai.

Hope Bahrain Govt. authorities will do needful to be easier and faster process in CPR and MEDICAL.

Best Wishes for all members those sharing

I do agree Bahrain is small / beautiful & friendly country for Expats..

Thanks friends, I have took the tests from Aster Medical  Center in Dubai they have agreed to complete the form which was given by bahrain authorities.

Hi all
I did my medical exam what's the next step for employment process in Bahrain.

Your question is not clear.


I got a job and after probation they told me to do medical examination..that also over then what's next

I've been one year now in Bahrain I even got a driving license. After knowing all that people go through to settle in Bahrain I can say I was a bit lucky as I have noticed everything takes a lot of time in Bahrain for the majority of the persons that is how it is, you have to apply more than one time for LMRA to approve your visa, I was lucky I just had to do it 3 times I waited 3 or 4 months but I have heard worst cases and then the License is a must have here, for that is even worst for majority of expats who have to pass a driving test usually they end up paying more than 3 times to get it, I know one person that took him 3 year, wow!, I still don't understand why they do that (money?), I got it the first time and I realized then that I was lucky.

Send all documents to your employer they will tell you.

Guess I was lucky with a not what you know but a who you know. Full two year visa in 8 days.

Very helpful.  Thank you

Who you know here opens all doors.

It can indeed!
However I have had to delay my travel and put the visa on hold for now. Still have things to settle up in Dubai and it's taking a bit longer than I thought!!! Oh well.

"Still have things to settle up in Dubai and it's taking a bit longer than I thought!!! Oh well."

Welcome to the Middle East

Hi, any update to your work visa process? Currently my husband waiting for his work visa. It is been a month now, still waiting for the answer from employer regarding his status

Who are you asking?

Hi all,

    Main reasons for delay in visa process are ( from applicant side ):

1) applying for visa without any of the required documents
2) Any of the submitted document not clear. mainly passport should be very clear and should be within 200KB

Any of the above reason , LMRA will reject the application and we need to apply again.

From my experience some application were approved and was ready for payment in 4-5 hours and some take up to one month also

Does anyone know if a visa that is granted can be put on hold for a while and/or the date of expiry for use can be changed?
Reason I ask is my visa was granted but I cannot travel for two maybe 3 months.
Would it also mean the taking the whole medical cycle again as well?
Thanks in advance if anyone knows

hi Mr. Carl,

    In that visa paper itself the expiry date is written , ie you should enter Bahrain before that date
Its valid for 6 months from the date of issue .


Hi carl,

It ok, my husband just got his visa today morning. :) what a relief!

Nice to see my original sticky being so popular :)  haven't been online for a while.

Just to add on some other items for clarity (and to answer some questions):

1) CR : This refers to commercial registration which is essentially a licence allowing a company to operate in Bahrain. Many different types of issues can lead to a block on the CR which will prevent a company from issuing new visas or in some cases, even renewing.  Examples of issues could be complaints with MOL, visa violations etc.  Resolution depends on nature of issue and the urgency assigned to it by the company

2) Parents Visa (RP not visit): I saw this question being asked on other threads.  There is NO provision in the process or law for sponsoring dependent parents.  This is largely a matter of luck and influence and is decided on a case by case basis.  You can submit an application but the document requirements or what's needed can vary a lot between each case. Most visa departments at your work place will not help you with this for these reasons.  I have gotten my mother a residence permit recently which took a few months - documents submitted were ones showing her dependency on me, proof of my financial status, NOC from my sponsor coupled with the some amount of networking in the right quarters

3) Expiry date of granted visa: No, the expiry date cannot be changed.  There are two ways to deal with this.  One is to go to the Bahrain consulate in your home country and get dispensation / extension from them (usually does not work) and two is to let the visa expire and have the employer re-apply.  In the second option, you need to be able to explain with the right documentation as to why you could not travel.  The case I am aware of, the person was able to explain using a doctor's report and new visa was issued

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