Bahrain Visa Process - My Experience

Thanks for the valuable information bro, i also have the same query but this info helps to sort it out a lot.I am presently working in Saudi Arabia as an engineer, recently have been offered by one of Bahrain's company.they have sent me an offer and told me to do medical test from one of the IMRA approved medical center. i am still having some points to clear which are mentioned below.

1. As i am from India will i need to go back to India to get that medical done????
2.will i i need to get attested my degree from Bahrain Embassy before getting the E-visa, If so, can i do it in Bahrain Embassy office in Saudi Arabia , and which documents i have to require to apply for degree attestation??
3. will i need to attested my birth certificate also from the Bahrain/Indian embassy??
4. which documents i required to convert my Saudi Driving License to Bahrain one and can i do this without informing my Saudi employer to whom i am going to resign.

can i have your contact number brother ??

Regards- Sarfaraz Ahmed

Hello Sarfaraz,  you can do your Medical at Badr Al Rabee clinic , download the medical form from LMRA website,  they will do the medical And upload at LMRA website.  Contact Mr. PAUL at Badr Al Rabee. Regarding degree I have no knowledge since no one asked me for that. Hope this help . Else you can send me ***  I will share my cell no. Thanks

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Hi Imran

Thanks for the info brother. i have gone through the medical and got my medical certificate and it has been submitted to my employer. they have applied for the visa and told me that i will get my visa soon.

can you please tell me that once visa will process and i will get my visa. how long it will valid , how many days i would have to get it stamped ???

once visa will process and i will get my visa. how long it will valid , how many days i would have to get it stamped ???

A work visa is valid for either 6 months, 1 year or 2 years depending on what your sponsor applied for.  Once approved, stamping takes less than a day.

Thanks Brother

Dear Sir,

I have seen your post in the thread. But there was no update after that. Could you please share your experience regarding your transfer from KSA to Bahrain? Did you need to take a medical test in KSA?

I am an Indian engineer currently working in KSA. I got a job offer from Bahrain. The employer says that they need CRPEP approval in order to apply for the visa.

My questions are:
1. Can the visa be endorsed at Bahrain Embassy in KSA?
2. Do I need to take a medical test in KSA (as i will move from 1 GCC country to another)?
3. If possible, I would like to travel to India (on final exit visa after getting the visa endorsed in KSA) to visit my family in India and then would like to travel to Bahrain. Is this possible? Do I need to take a GAMCA test again before travelling to Bahrain from India?

Thanks in Advance

1) No.  All work visas are applied for electronically through LMRA.  The print out is given to you which allows you to travel.  The passport endorsement happens after you arrive
2) Yes.  Pre-employment medical is necessary. Only benefit of coming from a GCC country is that you don't have to go back home and do GAMCA from there
3) Apply for your Bahrain visa while your Iqama is valid.  Once it is issued and you have a print out, then it doesn't matter if your iqama is cancelled and where you travel to Bahrain from.  If you don't have Saudi iqama, you will go back to India to do the GAMCA medical

And lastly, you WILL have another medical in Bahrain when you arrive.

Thanks alot Xtang  :)

is CRPEP License for Engineers necessary to apply for Engineers category's  visa or it will require at the time, once the guy will reach there and will apply for the resident permit (CPR)  ??? because my employer did not tell me about CRPEP License, they just told me to send the medical certificate. i have sent the medical certificate. they said they have applied for the visa and told me to wait as visa is processing but its have been more than 15 days they are saying that the visa is processing wait we will update you.

Please clear my query friends.

Dear all,I have a query
1)After trying to check status of work permit with passport,I am getting reply as "No record exist"-Does this means my employer has not yet applied for it(Although he claims to have applied) or its just part of time taken to process?
Your reply would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Rajesh Gayakwad

Check with application number.  Your employer should give you that number.

If no record exists even after a day or two then he hasn't applied.

Alternatively, if your employer is a government entity, then the record wont appear on LMRA as those visas are directly with NPRA.

Thanks a ton :)

Dear All,My employer is stating that their establishment has exhausted all quota of visa,hence will have to wait till LMRA renews fresh quota.When I asked time period, he said may be till September, as its vacation time in Bahrain. Is this explanation guenine?If someone has same experience please share it and guide me,as I am feeling as if my employer has some second intention.
Also,if in case my employer refuses to honor the terns of offer letter,is their any legal course at my disposal?

Thanks in advance
Rajesh Gayakwad.

Basically what it means is that they have breached their ratio of Bahrainisation i.e. every company has to hire a certain %age of bahrainis to be able to get visas for expats.  The only way they can now get a visa for you is either hire more bahrainis (or reduce expats) or apply for a temporary ceiling increase by providing appropriate reasons.  Vacation time has no bearing on it - it is how long it takes your company to do this.

If employer refuses to honor terms of the offer letter then I am afraid that there is nothing you can do legally.  An offer letter is not a binding contract of employment and can be withdrawn at any time. Both of you can walk out of it without any recourse.  It is only when you join and sign a proper contract; it is considered legally binding.

hello, just would like to know if there is a difference with the job role when getting the cpr. my husband and me came here together and he already had his cpr 3 days after the medical exam. As for me, I still dont have because HR is saying that he needs to make an appointment for the chip or something. The company is not using an agent also so I am expecting that it will be a little longer. So just confuse what this “chip” is all about. Is it something to do with employee quota? I am hired here as chemist while the husband as a decor painter.

No difference.  The only difference is the efficiency of the employer.   It seems your husband's employer was more efficient.

The CPR card has a chip and it's also called a chip card.  Sponsor takes an appointment for a new CPR but that is through an agent.  Nothing that you have to do yourself.

Hi XTang,

I got offer from a university in bahrain, which I believe is a government (public) university.

The HR department of university informed me they have applied for my work visa permit in the start of July. From last 3/4 weeks I am still waiting for the visa.

I tried to track the status of visa on LMRA (express service) using passport number (as the university did not provide any application id), however, the system shows "Error! The requested record does not exist in the system!".

In one of your's pervious post, you mentioned "if your employer is a government entity, then the record won't appear on LMRA as those visas are directly with NPRA".  Do you think this could be the reason why my application status does not show in LMRA (express service).

Is there any way to track the status of visa on NPRA system?


No way to track online with npra. Replied to your pm.

Hi everyone, I am a nurse applicant from the Philippines, My employer had been re- applying me for my visa 4x already since june 26, but after weeks of re-application, it always ends up on having a phrase of "visa application is not valid" They told me that the endorsement letter from the NHRA is the one causing the rejection of my application. First and second reason of the rejection was because my name was misspelled in arabic letters. 3rd reason of the invalidity was because my employer had a violation on the ministry of labor in bahrain. After fixing the fuss, My visa was re applied for the 4th time, and it ended up invalid again because they said that the letter from NHRA must be rectified regarding my work position. I am losing hope now.

Is the 4th time invalidity of my visa application is a sign that detour is the path? Out of frustration, I feel like I already want to pull out my application and try my luck on other countries. What do you think?

Why you don't try to apply through another employer?

I would say it comes down to a personal choice, you can definitely try other options as well.


Hi Xtang, very impressed with your knowledge of the various issues, so wondered if you can help me out?
Does a chronic non life threatening cancer result in a failure of medical, I ask because under failure criteria for GCC non infectious disease, one of the items listed is 'different cancers' . No further explanation is provided.

Any vacancy in bahrain university please let me know

No. Standard medical won't pick up cancers.

And shireen jafri, stop spamming random threads or you will be banned.

Actually the issue is that I intended to declare it but wondered if this would automatically disqualify me?

They don't ask for any declaration.  It is not required or requested.  Why would you want to declare in this case?

Go through the medical and if something comes up and they ask, fine.  Otherwise no need.

Hi Xtang, thanks for your responses, I appreciate it. The problem is that on a full blood count the drugs I take impact my RBC making lower than normal range, which is just a side effect and acceptable to my consultant. However, because of this I guess I would need to declare the reason for this and hence it would seem to me I'd have to declare my ailment.

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