Bahrain Visa Process - My Experience

I have no idea where you read that it comes in 2 to 3 days.

Read this sticky:

I have clearly explained that it takes anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks for an employment visa.

hi, i read your experience, but my employer applied my employment visa on 27th August, and still its showing under process, as i am on cxled visa from Dubai, I spoke to LMRA as per them the case is now Immigration department, as thy clar from thr end...

my query is tht is thr any chances of rejection frm the day passing the stress is increasing....

need you kind feedback...

warm Regards,

If you read the link I posted above, it is not about my experience, it is about the process -  I suggest you read it carefully and your questions will be answered.  The process takes anywhere from 1 weeks to 1 month.  And sometimes even longer. 

This week there are Ashura holidays in Bahrain and work flow has really slowed down. 

And no one can predict chances of rejection from immigration without knowing all the details of your situation as well as your company's CR situation.  In most cases, there is no issue.

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