Bahrain Visa Process - My Experience

XTang :

Nice to see my original sticky being so popular :)  haven't been online for a while.

Just to add on some other items for clarity (and to answer some questions):

1) CR : This refers to commercial registration which is essentially a licence allowing a company to operate in Bahrain. Many different types of issues can lead to a block on the CR which will prevent a company from issuing new visas or in some cases, even renewing.  Examples of issues could be complaints with MOL, visa violations etc.  Resolution depends on nature of issue and the urgency assigned to it by the company

2) Parents Visa (RP not visit): I saw this question being asked on other threads.  There is NO provision in the process or law for sponsoring dependent parents.  This is largely a matter of luck and influence and is decided on a case by case basis.  You can submit an application but the document requirements or what's needed can vary a lot between each case. Most visa departments at your work place will not help you with this for these reasons.  I have gotten my mother a residence permit recently which took a few months - documents submitted were ones showing her dependency on me, proof of my financial status, NOC from my sponsor coupled with the some amount of networking in the right quarters

3) Expiry date of granted visa: No, the expiry date cannot be changed.  There are two ways to deal with this.  One is to go to the Bahrain consulate in your home country and get dispensation / extension from them (usually does not work) and two is to let the visa expire and have the employer re-apply.  In the second option, you need to be able to explain with the right documentation as to why you could not travel.  The case I am aware of, the person was able to explain using a doctor's report and new visa was issued

Thank you for your valuable post. If you could throw some insights on how much time does it take to resolve a CR issue, as my employer is trying to sort it out since past 1 month and yet there is no clarity to me.

s8rohit :

Thank you for your valuable post. If you could throw some insights on how much time does it take to resolve a CR issue, as my employer is trying to sort it out since past 1 month and yet there is no clarity to me.

Unfortunately, I have no idea as I do not know what your employer's issue is.  It could be anything.  As I said, CR block issues could be due to any number of reasons.

And as such, time for resolution can be days or it can be months.

Hi Snowy,

How many days exactly did it take to get the employment visa for your husband?
Mine has been exactly 4 weeks as of today so I am beginning get a little worried. It still shows "employment visa in progress..." on the LMRA site.

Patience. Everyone's in a holiday mood, things may get delayed a bit.


It's always holiday mood here :)

Things do take 'Abit' longer here ;)

Thanks guys. Will wait.

Hello everyone!
I'm based in Saudi and own a property in Bahrain. Decided to apply for CPR.
At NPRA website they ask for "Certificate of good conduct deed" to obtain from ministry of Interior.
What is that? Is that easy to obtain?
Thank you!


Kindly go through this post, our champ gunner has give detailed info regarding the same.


Thank you!
This was helpful!


When i applied visa for my wife and baby for dependent visa.
during process from LMRA , It showing two CPR on wife name.
which is not true ( Since she never visited Bahrain before), Our PRO has raised this issue to removal of one CPR number.
After several attempt It is still not done.
Kindly suggest me here?



Never heard of this issue earlier, but have you tried contacting LMRA and asking them yourself? if not you should try it



Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I went twice to LMRA. They told u need to raise e- ticket to remove one CPR.
Which my PRO has already did. Still no response from LMRA.
They are keep saying that it is in Process.


Hope it gets resolved soon.

Hello there last year i am working in Bahrain,i am planning to get there for tourist visa ,please give advice what should i prepare for immigration?

@cejlab9567 you've posted the same question in many threads. Please google "Bahrain visa requirements". All the answers are there for you. The official Bahrain websites will give you the best and most accurate answers.

Thanks for your reply..


i got a offer letter from bahrain, they asked me to do pre medical test
i am in dubai, citizen of india, where to do the medical test.
please assist me

@vishwamdb > please read the first post. The OP said  "got it done from a Dubai Clinic".

Thanks XTang for detailed brief on visa process
I would be moving from UAE to Bahrain
Kindly guide me on documentation and attestation process for children visa
Birth certificate attestation from what all agencies required to apply for child visa
Further it would be great to know about admission procedure to school
Documents required and attestation requirements for school admission
Looking forward to hearing from you
Thanks & best regards

hello my dear brother,
i have a doubt can u please clear it,
actually i m working in kuwait and i have a valid residency permit of kuwait and again i dont want to go for kuwait so wat if i dint cancel my residency permit will bharain govt will allow me to work

in india

What is CPR? I am in Saudi Arabia now. So just for my knowledge. Actually, want to locate in Bahrain (also looking for job). SO usually I used to visit Bahraini forum and pages to read others experiences etc.

CPR is a National ID used in Bahrain equivalent to that of Iqama used in KSA. Your welcome to ask anything, our esteemed forum members would be happy to help.


Thank you very much Dear.

Hi Everyone,

I have quick a query, I'm living in KSA and I got a job offer from Bahrain - one of the reputed company. I have already given my signed contract copy, photo, passport copy and medical certificates. Since I'm in KSA, my medical were completed from a hospital and provided the medical fitness certificate to the PRO of Bahrain company. Now the HR personal from the company contacted me and asked me to request hospital ( the one from KSA) to upload my report in LMRA Bahrain as soon as possible. But the hospital and myself both are not sure about this procedure.

Please advise on this.



According to LMRA this has to be done by your potential employer in Bahrain, refer to the link below

Kindly share this link with them and ask them to contact LMRA if they dont know the procedure


I have received family visa recently. Our letter was missed in husband name column in my wife visa.. Will it make any issue while my wife imgiration?

You mean to say there was a spelling mistake? Why dont your PRO/HR to get it fixed to avoid any unforeseen situation.

Hey everyone,
I just got an offer in Bahrain and I sent them all the documents like passport  copy, picture etc. my employer told me that they will be applying for a business visa for me to come to Bahrain as they want me to come and join quickly and later onece I am there they will get it converted  to a work visa.
My questions are:
1) is it normal/acceptable/good idea to come there on a business visa and later get it changed.
2) how much time approx. will it take for them to procure a business visa.
3) how many days/months can I stay there on that visa.
4) how much time will it take to get it converted to a work visa.
Also I am currently based in Oman. Will it be required for me to go back to my home country for any reason?


It's a normal thing in Bahrain to come on a business or visit visa and then get it changed to work visa. Time durations will vary based on several factors just hope for the best and I don't think you will need to go back to your home country


Hi i have a question? Here it is in my first company i done medical test and after 2 years in transfer to another company they ddnt required medical test i steued ther for almost 7months, now in my 3rd company do you think they will require me a medical test again because as oer my friend they will not require again just to know fact because when i ask lmra i ddmt understand what they said. Thats y im trying to get information here

Hello am a retired contractor, with my ready funds from my befits to invest in any good profit healing business, I want to move to Bahrain and I need to know about the visa process and to settle there, I am willing to invest in small, big or medium business within my capital capability. Kindly get back to me by email ***

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kindly go through the below link, i am sure you will find a lot of info, and there is a contact us page if you seek more information

hope it helps, good luck … N_3Pm997iw


hi guys,
i am facing one such situation after applying for visa for my wife, its been 20 days and i have no info on whats the stas.  just a message on expat portal board- Dependent visa in progress....i am fedup with that now....and there is no one to answer properly.

thats why i dont like this

mohammed246 :

hi guys,
i am facing one such situation after applying for visa for my wife, its been 20 days and i have no info on whats the stas.  just a message on expat portal board- Dependent visa in progress....i am fedup with that now....and there is no one to answer properly.

thats why i dont like this

Patience is the key, there is nothing else you can do.

that was really helpful..thanks

Hi I'm saeda
I came to Bahrain on may of this year prior to my entry through my job with navy here as civilian I also
did all the medical requirement and immunizations  but guess what my company wouldn't get us CPR and I have to keep renew my visa as well as my family and every three months leave the country !
any idea how can I get the CPR on my own? is it possible?

any information would be helpful .
thank you !

You can get your own CPR if you start your own business, buy a property or be employed, other than these i doubt it … a-Business


Ur post is very helpful. Im moving from dubai to bahrain as well and want to take my maid with me. Just had a few questions.
When did u get ur dxb residency cancelled as i believe one we all leave her residency visa will also be cancelled then how can i call her on a visit visa?
Once ur family reached bahrain how many days exactly did it take for their visa after which u applied for the maids visit visa which u said took 2 weeks

My employer not paid my work visa monthly fee. If suppose i will go vacation for one month,and come back any problem in airport ple reply sir…

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