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Hi there! I am Bonnyta - from Australia (intending to come soon in Vienna).

So, please let me introduce myself: I have a gorgeous boy, a nice husband and I want a funny dog!! And...a job in Vienna! I have working for more than 14 years in office environment, and another 2 years in a hotel environment. I am prepared to take any type of job in Vienna, as I am not speaking German language yet.

Nice to mee you, guys and keep in touch!

Regards - Bonnyta

Hi Bonnyta,

I created a new thread with your post on the Vienna forum for more visibility. :)

Do note that the Jobs in Vienna section is at your entire disposal and you may drop your request there as well.

Thank you,



I am also Australian and looking at moving to Austria with the Red-White-Red visa. I am just wondering:

1. Was it easy for you to apply for a working visa?
2. What's the cost of living in Austria in comparison to Australia?
3. What's the average pay like in Vienna?

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