Pakistani community in germany

hi everybody ...i m looking for pakistani community in germany are well come

salam sir ji

@ kalimlodhi: Please feel free to browse through the list of pakistani expatriates in Germany which might help you in creating some contacts :)

thanks hasnaa....i will try to find out as u mentioned....its so kind of u

السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته
ان شاالله عزوجل
Very soon

@ Pakmauritius > Can you please write in english only on this anglophone speaking forum? It will help every members to understand and to participate. :)

Thank you,

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Hello everyone. Its Ayaz from Pakistan, i will be moving to Germany for my masters in couple of months. So, i was thinking to make some friends in advance and try to know a bit abt the culture and the kind of problems waiting for me there.

If you genuinely want to learn about German culture, look for Germans, not Pakistanis or other foreigners, to hang around with!

Yeah, thats true for culture. However, id also like to know about pakistani communities there and their experience there.

I have today joined this forum in order to make Pakistani friends. I live in Germany. My basic intention is to get information about study and job in Germany. If you are interested then reply .

If you are already living in Germany, do you have a work permit or student visa?
If so, you can work or study (not both at the same time!).
Why do you need Pakistanis to answer questions about that?

I am searching for pakistanis because my deutsch is not very good and in my language its easy to communicate. I dont have student or work permit visa. I am asyl and have permit to live in germany.
Thnx for your response

Why you don't use your free time and learn the German language ?

You don't study, you don't work.....plenty of time to so so

Yes i try my best I do the same thing. I have B1 completed now taking classes for B2. Would you like to introduce yourself.